Bed, Baby.

Happy Monday, loves!
It's been a wild few days over here in Babyland. If you follow me on Instagram you've probably caught on that we've been in jail since Thursday afternoon. And by jail, I mean on hospital bed rest. 
We actually started our jail tour on Tuesday afternoon when we spent a few hours in Labor and Delivery getting checked out and then kicked out. About 48 hours later I was sent straight back to the hospital after a couple of hours in the OBGYN's office. We actually got to spend a few hours in the anti-partum unit (which could be equated to prison, Martha Stewart style) on Thursday night and then things got a little crazy. After a rush back to Labor and Delivery (prison, hard core), we finally got all of the contractions under control, IV's hooked up, meds injected into pretty much all of my fleshy body parts and the babe under constant monitoring.

Thankfully, we were again kicked out of Labor and Delivery on Friday morning but were handcuffed to room 718 back in the No Baby Yet unit. We've held on 3 more days as of Sunday night (despite another wild night on Saturday that resulted in me throwing the world's biggest temper tantrum and then being drugged into oblivion for everyone's sake) and hopefully as ya'll are reading this, I'll be headed home to my own bed. 
The good news in all of this is that baby Gray is remarkably happy, healthy and safe. He has handled all of the contractions and meds like a champ and is still huge and very active, which at this point is a major relief. 

Poor Justin has been the sweetest. He spent the first night in the hospital with us because we were warned we might end up with a babe in our arms by day break but once we were cleared to Boredom Town he's been out and about trying to cater to my every need. He's showed up with board games, fountain cokes, french fries and Starbucks and has been ready to settle in each day for a whole bunch of nothing. I sent him to the golf course this morning to squeeze in 9 holes so that his first Father's Day wouldn't be a complete loss and we've watched every single World Cup game since the opener.
I guess it really could be worse!

For now (unless something changes between Sunday night and Monday morning), the plan is for me to get sprung from this joint Monday morning. I can almost guarantee that I will be on complete and total home bed rest until 36 weeks (9 days from this very moment). At 36 weeks, my doctor is comfortable with taking me off of all of the meds that are preventing the contractions and letting the babe come when he's ready. Fun Fact: I have been told many times that moms can spend weeks in the hospital and on bed rest downing the same fist full of meds that I am only to make it until 36 weeks, drop the meds and then NOT go into labor! They end up carrying to term! The insanity of this baby making/growing business never ceases to amaze me. 

Thank you for all of your sweet emails, Facebook messages, texts, IG comments and words of support. So many of you have been through the exact same experience and your understanding of my frustration, worry and boredom has been priceless. 

Cheers to Mommyhood!

And, for your viewing pleasure, a little something that was sent to me by my future sister in law and her sister to keep me laughing....

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