Weekend Recap: The Samoset Resport

Monday again huh? 
Let's reminisce about the weekend to feel a bit better, shall we?

This Saturday we hopped in the car and drove about two hours south to the Camden/Rockland area of Maine. Justin has really been itching to play golf and it's still really wet here so we thought heading South might put us on a better course....and it's so wet here in Bangor that you can't use golf carts even on the paths. I like to ride along and the course at the Samoset Resort was happy to have me and the bump in a cart on their gorgeous ocean view course. 

The weather was a bit chilly (high of 55) and the ocean breeze was heavenly but not warm...
Luckily, I had quickly adopted the Maine mentality that if you're cold, it's your fault so I packed many layers and a blanket. I snuggled up and enjoyed the brief patches of sun when we were lucky enough to get them.

My husband likes me to take lots of action shots and videos while he plays so that he can critique his own golf swing...but he refuses to take any pics of me. Sorry you have to suffer through the no make up selfie! 

The Samoset Resort is a gorgeous slice of Maine and I can't wait to take my parents there when they come for the month of August. The Italian restaurant on site is one of the best places to dine in the area and as luck would have it, they also have a gorgeous bar just waiting to serve amazing cocktails. We celebrated Derby Saturday with a Mint Julep for Justin and a lemonade cocktail for moi! 

This is a big week around here! On Friday we head to Greece! 
Of course, Justin has one of the craziest weeks at work ever and I'll barely see him until we get on the plane Friday morning. I'm spending the week packing and organizing and dreaming of the Santorini sun.

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  1. what a fun getaway! and GREECE?! ahhh the best. you are going to have such a fun time!
    stop by, im hosting a giveaway. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. What your hubby won't take photos of you?! That better change in Greece!! I'll get my post over to you this evening. Preggo brain and I just remembered! :)

  3. Ahhh Greece sounds amazing right about now! Can't wait to see all of your pictures.

  4. Yay, so exciting about Greece! I know you guys will have a fabulous time! :)


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