Mia Earrings Giveaway Winner!

Happy Friday!

What a fun day to announce our Mia Earrings Giveaway winner! 

Congratulations Courtney!

I'm headed to the airport and will miss ya'll terribly while we're gone!
Not to worry, I have some amazing girls to introduce to you next week...these bloggers are my personal faves that I read everyday and am lucky to call friends. Get ready for a fun week!

I hope to be Instagramming and maybe even dropping by for a Bumpdate while we're abroad so make sure you're following me (links below in siggy)

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  1. Have a great trip! Sorry I couldn't get around to guest posting. It's been a crazy week!!

  2. Yay!! Go have an amazing time!!make Justin put on sunscreen.... Us fair skin peeps have to stick together! Xoxo


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