Five on Friday

 Hey ya'll! Happy Friday!
Gotta love a short week, huh?!

As usual, I'm linking up with Christina and Co. for a quick edition of our weekly Friday faves.

1. Blog Update

I (finally) did some work on the Newlyweds:North mobile edition. The mobile edition should now be much better for iPhone/Android viewing. If your phone still makes the blog look wonky, you can always view the blog in Web Version and you'll see a teeny version of the regular ole blog on your phone.
I also update the comments section so that you no longer have to deal with word verification. There was a time that I was getting spam on post comments so I had to lock some things down. I'm hoping we're all in the clear and now ya'll can have free reign to comment quickly and easily!

2. Maine Weather
Seeing as I've spent the last 7 months complaining about snow, I think it's only fair that I compliment our northern home on attempting to bring Spring to us. The sun is now out from about 5am until 8:30pm which is a huge switch from Winter where we have sunlight from about 8am to 3:45pm. We've also reached highs in the low '70's and feel like we live on a whole new planet full of green leaves and blooming flowers.

3. Walking Shorts

Ya'll, these are my favorite new preggo essentials. I wore them in Greece under all of my dresses and they kept my thighs from rubbing together! They aren't Spanx and aren't meant to be slimming so they are actually comfy. I wear undies underneath of them and they also help hide any panty lines if I don't feel like wriggling into a thong. I went a size up from my normal size and was able to pull the waist band up over my bump to help smooth things out. You can find these babies at Target!

4. Our Fave Summer Dinner

I force my family to eat this meal once a week during the summer/now. And then I bogart all of the leftovers. Sorry I'm not sorry.

5. Baby Bags
So, last night I started packing the hospital seems so early to do this (7 weeks to go!) but things have gotten a little unpredictable during my third trimester so I followed my apps advice and went ahead and got the ball rolling. Of course, the baby is the only one who is completely packed...and he really doesn't need anything but his going home outfit. At least it's a start! Any suggestions on what I should pack for me? Especially if I end up needing a C Section?

Have a fab weekend ya'll!


  1. I love anything bruschetta, that looks delish! I'm no help in the baby department but I do suggest the setting where you have to approve comments on a post older than 5 days (or something like that). That helps with the spam if you still get it! Have a great weekend!

  2. I need to pick up a pair of those walking shorts today - preggo thigh-rub sucks!

  3. That meal looks so good! We've made something similar and it was delish! Nothing wrong wth packing your hospital ahead of time. Knowing me I'd have a bag packed the day I find out I'm pregnant!

  4. Megan sent me an awesome hospital bag checklist. I will forward it to you now! I cannot believe you only have 7 more weeks!!

  5. Love anything with tomatoes!!! I will def be making Reid eat that recipe soon!

  6. OMG I needed those walking shorts when I was pregnant. The thought of a thong was so unappealing when I was pregnant (especially towards the end) and I would have really appreciated the fabric keeping my legs from rubbing together!!

  7. We love bruschetta chicken, too! So yummy and not all that bad for you. Big fan of Skinny Taste's recipes {they've yet to fail me}, too. Have a fabulous weekend! : )

  8. omg that chicken dish looks SOOO good! have a great weekend. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. did Laura send you my cray cray diaper bag e-mail? I have strong thoughts on this :)

  10. I will def. be making that chicken!! Have a great weekend!

  11. For yourself, pack giant black panties (to hide and cute but comfy stretchy pants. I lived in camis, a lightweight robe and yoga pants the first couple of weeks post baby. You're so close! Good luck!

  12. I love these! Picked them up after reading this post and I'm obsessed. Perfect for under dresses and skirts :)


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