Bumpdate: 32 Weeks

How Far Along: 32 Weeks

Size of Babe: the apps say a head of lettuce, but we know he's a bit bigger than that!

Gender: baby boy Gray

Symptoms: babe is still breech, so there is some discomfort with that. I'm uber tired....like fall asleep with a Starbucks in my hand, while walking through Target at 1 in the afternoon tired. I managed to take an unplanned 5 hour nap on the sofa in the middle of the living room this weekend while Mark and Justin lived life around me, as loudly as possible. I'm guessing my day time exhaustion is a result of the tough time I'm having getting comfy at night and all of the waddling to the bathroom. I've also developed a raging sweet tooth which is a completely new thing for this carb loving, salt licking girl! 

Loving: lemonade, ice cream, hot fudge, naps, giant tee shirts, nice weather, fruit loops, three day weekends, a finished nursery, grilling season, friends over for dinner, tan legs, baby rolls and nudges, that my parents got an iPad so that they can see the bump/the babe whenever they like

Loathing: a shedding lab, dirty floors, a baby head at the top of my belly, baby feet under my ribs, late night runs to the bathroom, chipped toe nail polish

Husband: is working hard both at work and at home. I know for sure that our yard looks amazing and I'm hoping things are going that well at work!

Wedding Rings: I miss them like whoa

Belly Button: is flat

Movement: is very strange these days...his head bumps against the top of my belly and it hurts...and instead of tons of quick punches there are lots of rolls and slow stretches.

Maternity Clothes: yes ma'am. And an occasional stretchy dress or tunic from the regular girl section. 

Best Part of the Week: finishing the nursery! It was a family affair with Justin, Mark and I all working through the home stretch. We also found a really sweet children's book store downtown that carries such fun items. Tons of Maine authors and toys for discovery and play. I can't wait to head back there and add to Gray's book collection!

Worst Part of the Week: We missed the Memorial Day Parade! We made it downtown just in time to see the backs of the last parade marchers. Totally not a truly bad thing, but I don't have much to complain about, so that'll have to do!

Missing Most: my shoes (only flip flops fit these days), getting dressed with ease, my family, having tons of energy, being able to get out of a car without making grunting noises.

Can't Wait For: our baby boy to get here! And, honestly, to get this body back in action. It's super rogue under these maternity jeans.

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  1. you are glowing! Im hope its finally warm there so you're not freezing in your flip flops. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. "It's super rogue under these maternity jeans" I just snorted so loud in my office and they guy walking down the hall popped in to see if I was dying. hahahah love it! Can't wait to see that baby you've got cookin!!! xoxox

  3. I feel like as soon as I hit the third trimester my body decided to say okay, we have let you feel good long enough. I am so tired and my feet ache! And to think it's only going to get worse!! All worth it though right? Hopefully one day our little one's can meet!

  4. Love that picture, you look amazing! So excited to see the nursery! Not much longer until you have that little (or big?) babe in your arms :)

  5. Lookin' good, mama! Gray will be here before we know it!

  6. You look beautiful! I loved my big belly and hated it at the same time, I felt so huge and uncomfy but it was also amazing having such a big round belly with a baby in it. Your pregnancy has gone by so fast over here in blog reader land! Just a few short weeks!

  7. Try putting some peppermint oil on your belly to get your baby to flip! I know Grace at Camp Patton (check out her blog ASAP if you don't follow already) had quick success with it!

  8. you are the cutest ever! sorry you're so uncomfortable...my OB cleared me for some melatonin was I was preggers to help me sleep. Maybe worth asking about?

  9. If it comes to it- my sister in law had great success turning her baby with an ice pack on the top of the belly and a heat pad below. Baby turned like an Olympic gymnast! :)


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