Bumpdate: 24 Weeks

How Far Along: 24 week
6 whole months!

Size of Babe: my apps differ in how much they think he weighs...and he's a chunker anyways, but he for sure weighs close to a pound and a half and is as long as an ear of corn

Gender: a sweet son

Symptoms: my appetite is still super weird...most times I don't have a strong appetite at all but sometimes I get so hungry I think I'm going to be sick (first trimmest style), getting up tons to go to the bathroom at night, some night sweats (sexy), super clumsy and klutzy, sleeping in super late but having a tough time falling asleep, big 'ole belly and major, major baby brain. I sent Justin a text the other day asking him how to spell our baby's first name...uh, yeah...it's bad.

Loving: my Dean and Deluca Copy Cat Salad, the sun!, Starbucks black tea lemonade with two extra pumps of sugar (yep, I know that's bad for him, it's just an occasional treat), fun treats in the mail from family, friends and new fave etsy shops

Loathing: snow flurries that are still happening in maine, how clumsy I am! literally every single day I spill something and my belly catches it. ugh. also loathing not having the nursery started even though we have time...it's just a nesting thing but gah, I'd love to get that room ready!

Husband: felt the baby move for the first time! I was watching his face and his eyes popped out when he finally felt a big kick! It was awesome...he also had "the moment" when you realize you really do have a baby coming this past weekend. Everyone has "the moment" and it comes at the most random times...Justin had his "holy goodness, I'm about to have a kid moment" in a baby store when he was reading silly baby books. And also when he spotted a stuffed tiger that he had to have for Gray. I'm not into stuffed animals for a baby, but I couldn't resist how happy he was to bring that guy home for his baby boy.

 Wedding Rings: long gone

Belly Button: is still an innie but teensy tiny. one of my apps was kind enough to tell me that uterus is now the size of a soccer ball (!!) and my belly button doesn't stand a chance of being an innie for much longer.

Movement: yep! all of the time now...but most especially at night or if I'm laying down

Maternity Clothes: mix and match...and I'm noticing that my non maternity sweater in these pics is mighty short...tall girl preggo probs.

Best Part of the Week: probably the day we spent hunting for Gray's nursery dresser...the weather was gorgeous, we spent the day in baby stores and antiquing and Justin was really into the baby day. It was really a fun day for me.

Worst Part of the Week: ummm.... nothing really to complain about. I felt pretty queasy Sunday morning but felt better as soon as I had a bacon cheeseburger.

Missing Most: wine, getting dressed without thinking about what will fit, sleeping through the night

Can't Wait For: warm weather, upcoming travels, the next time we get to see his little face

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  1. love that bright sweater!! perfect for the never-ending winter! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. You are the cutest! I want to make your Dean & Deluca copycat salad soon. It sounds great!

  3. As always looking good! Love that yellow sweater against that snow. David totally googled "forgetfulness and pregnancy" haha he thinks I have lost it! :)

  4. Look great as always! Still having all that snow I see!!

  5. You look great and have a adorable bump!!!

  6. You look amazing. Love that bright pop of yellow sweater. I'm just a few weeks behind you and feel the same way about food. Not really craving it, but absolutely ravenous at times. So fun that your husband got to feel the baby kick. I remember the first time my husband felt Mac kick and he freaked out a bit too! This time he was excited, but nothing like that very first time. You'll remember that moment forever.

  7. Oh my word, you are SO CUTE! And you look amazing :) This is the funnest journey!! I'm so excited to be following along now!
    And look at all that snow, YUCK! It's been snowing the last 2 days here, but none of it has stuck.
    And don't stress about not starting the nursery. You'll get to it! And then it will become the never ending project.... at least that's how it is for me, poor Mia!!


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