Weekend Colds

Happy St. Patty's, ya'll!

This weekend was really centered around Justin's Man Cold. What is it about Man Colds that are so much more intense than a regular old cold?? We sadly thought he was suffering from allergies and so we didn't shield baby and me and from the husband germs and of course, the Man Cold has now manifested itself in me as a Completely Drug Free Mommy and Me Cold. Yay!

We did decided to brave the frigid temps (it was -6 degrees when I woke up this morning) and the Man Cold to head out of the house for a few activities...and by activities, I mean mostly just eating.

There was a golf expo at UMaine, so off we went to look at golf clubs
(at least the expo proceeds went to a local charity)

and at least I got a treat afterwards...

We met friends for BBQ and "sweet" tea in mason jars

Any Southerner would take a look at that dark color and know the tea wasn't really that sweet...but, hey, beggars can't be choosers!
Despite the lack of sugar, Baby boy bounced around for hours after just one glass...oops!

Sadly, the BBQ joint was out of their advertised Peach Cobbler...so Justin actually left dinner, dropped me off at home, went to grocery store and purchased the necessary ingredients to make Peach Cobbler from scratch. He was busy baking away until almost midnight.

I clearly feel asleep well before it was cooling on the oven rack.
I'll wait up if he ever decides to make chocolate lava cake from scratch, but fruit based deserts? No thanks.

On Sunday we made a quick stop at the mall to take advantage of Gap's Friends and Family 40% off discount. Baby Gap, I love you. I'm not so into the baby clothes that scream "boy!". Can't a onesie just be a onesie? No need to put "Mommy's Little Slugger" and a thousand baseballs on the front. Baby Gap has amazing basic pieces that are cute, simple and stylish. Aaaand, best of all, they are always having a sale!

This little guy came home with us. He's from the Paddington Bear Collection and I just adore that the front says "please look after this bear". I can't wait to stuff a newborn baby Gray into it!

Hope everyone has a great time celebrating today!

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  1. I feel you on being a medicine free sick momma. I think I got through the worst of it only left with some sniffles today. So it took about 4 days for it to go away. However going to bed without Nyquil was just evil! Hope you are feeling better really soon! I LOVE the Paddington Bear line at Gap - I seriously must have bought about 15 different pieces from the collection. And I am in total aggreance that anything that says "Mom's little monkey" or anything of that nature is just blech!

  2. Your husband is so sweet to make you peach cobbler!! Sorry that your med free while sick -that certainly can't be fun, but hope you'll be on the mend soon!!

  3. ugh colds are the worst! my husband was suffering from severe allergies so we both didnt get a lot of sleep this weekend! that ice cream looks really good tho! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. So glad I'm not the only one who hates the "Mama's little hunk" onesies too!! Such a sweet hubby for making you peach cobbler!

  5. Man Cold...bahahahaha! And now I need some sweet tea, BBQ, & peach cobbler! Sounds like such a fun weekend!

  6. That barbecue place looks cool...love the pig logo on the table! The peach cobbler story is so sweet, even if you did fall asleep, haha!

    Just found your cute blog!!

    Stop by mine and say hi sometime!

  7. Men are so whiny when they get sick and drug free colds are the worst!


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