Five on Friday

Happy Friday! It's a gloomy/snowy day here in Maine but all that matters is that we made it to the weekend! And that I have a Lady Date tonight....hello guacamole!
As usual, I'm linking up with April and Co. for another round of 5 on Friday

1. This Welcome
I am loving all of the new faces in the comment section of the blog! Welcome, I'm so glad ya'll are here and hope that you stay awhile. A big hey! goes out to all of you hopping over from Bloglovin...I can tell a bunch of ya'll are new, too and I'm thrilled to have you. If you aren't super annoyed after reading a post or two, I'd love for you to join me as a Newlyweds:North Fab Follower. If you are super annoyed, no judgment. It can get rogue around here.

2. This Frosting

Oh heavens, ya'll have got to get you some of this! I whipped up a dark chocolate cake (a box mix, nothing fancy) to celebrate a family milestone last night and I couldn't resist the call of this icing. I'm not really an icing girl....cake? yes, please. But I usually scrape the icing off to the side and just get a taste of it with my cake. I would eat this cookies and cream icing off of my hand if no cake was available. It was so, so good. And smelled like Heaven on Earth.
Just go ahead and get some. You can thank me later.

3. These Thoughts
Ya'll....I accidentally stumbled upon a gazillion pics of water birth and home birth on Pinterest the other day. I may be scarred for life. In all honesty, the scarring doesn't have anything to do with the hows or wheres of those babies being born but the graphic nature of the photos. I'm guessing doctors don't really love for photographers to be all up in a lady's business while she's crowning so there aren't tons of photos head on of a hospital delivery. But Lordy, the photos I saw are burned into my brain. I would prefer to not know how all of this is going to go down in 4 months and seeing those women's faces (and lady bits) in all of the birthing glory was just.too.much. No more Pinterest browsing for me. Ever.Again.

4. This Series

So, thanks to ya'll, I read Divergent. And have since finished all three in the series. I have to say that I enjoyed the story line but haaaaated the way the series ended. Ugh. Overall, I'm glad I read them and think the story will translate well to the big screen. Husband, that was a subtle hint that we're going to see Divergent this weekend. Get your mind right.

5. This Adventure
When we lived in a bigger city, Justin and I would waste away a Saturday wandering around antique markets. This weekend I'm hoping we'll be able to hit a few local thrift and antique shops in hopes of finding a dresser for baby boy's room. Our area is so small that there isn't even a designated Craig's List site for our town, in fact, there is only one Craig's List for all of Maine - otherwise, that's where I'd head. So instead, we're off on an adventure. If I find something, there will be lots of DIY to follow so I'l keep ya'll posted!

Have a fab weekend!

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  1. hi. Divergent was a great series. I also hated the way it ended. I actually think I cused at the way that it ended.... OOOPS! The movie is really good!!!

  2. Yikes I can't believe Pinterest has all those water birth pictures! Stay away!! That icing sounds amazing! Hope y'all have a great weekend just wandering around!

  3. Divergent is probably my new favorite too, but I've so many people say the ending sucked, so I have yet to read book 3...I'm scared lol Happy Friday friend!

  4. That frosting looks amazing.

  5. I'm also grossed out by those photos on Pinterest. So weird! Good luck finding a dresser. That is so crazy that Craiglist only has one Maine page. On a random note, I thought of you when we were flying the other day... the map on the plane showed Bangor!

  6. i want that frosting nowww! it looks so good!
    and omg good to know. NOT searching for waterbirths on pinterest. ever.
    have a great weekend! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  7. Mmm that frosting. I've seen it at the store, but I tend to go with box cake and make my own frosting...this looks like magic though, oooh maybe with brownies.
    Oh gross no. Stay away from pinterest! I said no thanks to the offer of a mirror, I see no reason why I'd want to have pictures. Yuck.
    I liked the movie but I haven't read the Divergent books myself. Have a fun movie night!

  8. I guess I should be thankful that I've never stumbled upon these types of pictures on Pinterest....

  9. Mmmmm that ICING! You and I are the opposite when it comes to cake since for me, it's allllll about the frosting - must try this one out!


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