Five on Friday

Hey ya'll! Happy Friday!
The sun is shining today (over all of the pretty white new snow) so I'm going to make this quick and head out of the house while I can!
As usual, I'm linking up with April and Co. for 5 on Friday

1. I mentioned in yesterday's Bumpdate that Gray is not our baby's first name. Some of you have asked so I'll give you a little explanation: Gray is our son's middle name and the name we will call him. We decided a while ago to attempt to maintain a teensy bit of his privacy by not announcing his full name on the blog. His first name is an old family name of my Husband's. The privacy game is a bit of a gamble as I am a strong believer that if you post anything in Facebook then you should consider it public knowledge despite your security settings. But hey at least we're trying!

2.  Recent Bump Purchases: I've actually purchased very few maternity items (two tanks and a belly band that immediately went back to the store) - my parents were sweet enough to buy me a few staples in the very beginning and my matron of honor handed down some pieces that I rock all.of.the.time. But, we're headed to a wedding in South Carolina next weekend and I'll be in Virginia for a week in the beginning of April, so I couldn't resist picking up some cute dresses in celebration of heading to warmer climates.

I think this will be so cute with a blazer and booties and then of course all the way through July with flip flops! 
Plus, it's practically free at $19.00 

H&M Mama Satin Dress
I adore the ruffle sleeves on this dress! The print is fun and I have the cutest red flats to wear with it. This dress also comes in black and I may regret not ordering that one too!
Another steal at $34.95

Once they both come in, I'll review them and let ya'll know how they fit! Ordering maternity clothes online can be a bit of a guessing game...

3. New book
So is Divergent essentially The Hunger Games? I need a new book and I loved The Hunger Games and I always love a series....but will I spend all of Divergent thinking "oh yeah, just like Katniss"? Any other books I should try ASAP?

4. More snow
We're expected to get more snow this weekend....these are the days I wish I could drink. Heavily. So, yeah, if ya'll could get on the book recs, I'd super appreciate it!

5. Active Mama
I've got to run, I'm headed to Barre class. For those of you wondering if I'm keeping active during this pregnancy (especially since I refuse to discuss weight gain/even monitor it myself) I go to barre class twice a week when I'm not traveling. When I do travel, I always take the Purre Barre Prenatal DVD with me, but have yet to open it. That's real life.

Have a great weekend!
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  1. i read all of the hunger games books..and the divergent books -- i liked hunger games more but i did appreciate that divergent was set in Chicago so it was fun to read city references. i'd actually recommend You Before Me by JoJo Moyes, its the best book I have read so far this year. i loved it! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. I haven't read divergent yet, but I've heard really good things! a must read: and the mountains echoed, fault in our stars, or unbroken!! also--love the idea of keeping first name private. totally with you on that one!

  3. I liked the Divergent series, but it is definitely similar. Some of my other favorite reads recently: The Kitchen House, The Night Circus, & And the Mountains Echoed!

  4. Divergent is OK, but I found it a little depressing. I just finished "War Brides," and while it's not a series it was still one you should read. Plus if you have Amazon Prime you can rent it for free on your Kindle.

  5. I tried on that Old Navy dress in the store and it's great for the bump. Also loving H&M's selections. I have a wedding to go to that I will be 35 weeks at (Oye Vey!) so I am on the hunt for something cute and not too costly! I like that you are choosing not to share the name! It's nice to have a couple of secrets every once in a while!

  6. I read Divergent and couldn't put it down. I thought the first book in the series was the best. You may also want to try reading Delirium. It's set in Portland, Maine and it keep getting better and the series goes along. It's about a world where love is considered a disease and it was so good!

  7. Like everyone else, I agree you need to read Divergent. Similar to the Hunger Games, but different enough that I didn't find myself comparing it to the Hunger Games while reading.

  8. I loved the Divergent series and think you'll definitely enjoy it if you liked The Hunger Games, but the plots are different enough that you won't be making a direct comparison. I'm excited for the Divergent movie to come out next week!

  9. I loved the Divergent series, definitely a good read. Ahhh you do barre?!? Don't you LOVE it!! So glad I discovered it, best thing in life. :)


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