Baby Boy's Modern Rustic Nursery

Baby Boy

I am so excited to finally have Baby Gray's nursery design board put together! This idea has been running around in my head for months and finding out that we are officially expecting a boy gave me carte blanche to get on the design scheme. I'm aiming for a Modern Rustic Maine theme for our little Mainiac. And because my very smart husband put me on a Baby Budget, I'm mixing Ikea pieces in with higher end pieces that I hope last forever like the crib and rug. The crib can be modified into a toddler bed, so I'm hoping to get a ton of bang for my Pottery Barn buck on that one. 

The rocker is actually the Strandmon Arm Chair from Ikea but I found this tutorial on how to easily turn it into a rocker. Rocker/ottoman sets are super expensive and I like the idea that once we are done rocking a little one we have the option to turn this guy back into an arm chair. 

Looking at the design board, it looks somewhat bland. There's a simple explanation for that: I am obsessed with the linens, quilts and pillows for the Etsy Shop IvieBaby. I'll use her designs to work in more graphic pattern and pops of color. Sadly, her designs are super hard to clip into a Polyvore graphic because she photographs her goods on a green background. But just for ya'll, I'm going to drop the graphics in below!

I am obsessed with that quilt! I die!

I honestly think the prices in IvieBaby are a bit steep for something to change a baby's diaper on, so I plan to purchase one gorge fitted sheet, a few throw pillow covers and maybe that quilt for Baby Boy...but I also plan to be realistic and have a handful of back up plain fitted sheets and changing pad covers from Target and Babies R Us on know, for when real life happens.

And not to worry, there are still some surprises in the works that will bring pops of color to the walls. I have to leave something for the big reveal, right!?


  1. Love it all! Especially the quilt and arrow prints! I like the real life part, as cute as those designs are its definitely a good idea to get some of the cheap sheets!

  2. I love this nursery you designed!!! I'm so happy ppl don't do those ridiculous themed nurseries anymore! Like Winnie the Pooh yuck!!

  3. Love this!! Too funny because I have my baby girl's room scheduled to post for tomorrow!! I am going to check out that etsy shop. I too have been placed on a budget...I just haven't been told what it is yet. He can't stop me from dreaming!

  4. love your vision - we love our teepee!!

  5. I LOVE it!! Can't wait to see it all come together!

  6. Love your inspiration, I love the arrow prints and the overall rustic feel you got goin on. My dream nursery would have a camping, cabin, rustic feel too it too. Hopefully one day!

  7. I am such a fan of Iviebaby. When I have a baby, I would love to have some of her stuff. In general, I love what you're thinking!


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