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Weekend Wrap Up

Hey ya'll!
Happy Monday (eh, whatever, right?). I hope everyone had a fab weekend...we were at the mercy of the bi-polar Maine weather, but made the best of it!

Friday night I went on a Lady Date with Melissa which of course resulted in us getting kicked out of the restaurant at 10pm while the staff stacked chairs on tables....and we met at 6:30. I don't even know what we talk about for that long, but we talk and talk and talk...and before I know it, literally days have gone by. She gets a kick out of hearing about my weird and disgusting pregnancy symptoms and I love getting to tell her about strange, but birds of a feather will tell each other the grossest things for fun (isn't that how the saying goes??).

Saturday was slated to be one of the most beautiful days we've seen since October and thankfully, the weather did not disappoint. Topping out at a high of 45 and gorgeously sunny, we spent the day on a mission for the babe. We hit every single thrift store, antique shop and junk store in search of a dresser for baby boy's nursery. I already had one picked out at Ikea but I told Justin if I could find one cheap of enough to offset the cost of supplies for repair and refinishing, then I was so in to do the work. Luckily, we found something! Now, before you see it, I know that it's very Brady 60's Mod but I'm super into the shape and masculinity of the lines. I actually think I'll even keep the pulls but give them a little life with a new coat of paint. It needs some love, but is solid wood and has zero damage to the structure....

The size is perfect for the oddly shaped nursery and the width of the top will definitely serve as a changing table for Gray.

We decided to paint the dresser a grey based navy to compliment our rug choice, the unique shade of wood of our crib and our light grey rocker.

Justin ended up selecting the final color and I can't wait to update ya'll on our progress. It will be a while before we can get stared because we don't have a garage so we have to do the bulk of the work on our front porch and of course the weather has to cooperate to make that a go.

P.S. I beginning to get a little antsy about our's still a guest room and the crib is in a box with no mattress or pad to go in it, the dresser is a hot mess and that's all we've got! We have 4 months to go (if our giant baby makes it that long) and we have lots of travel lined up including an almost two week jaunt overseas.... cue the nesting panic.

On Sunday the weather went back to regular Maine weather and it was 33 degrees and pouring down rain all day (but not snowing, thank God). The entire family slept way in... I think we're all prepping for baby by getting as much sleep as possible while we can...and then laid around watching basketball and playing on Pinterest. It was a perfect lazy Sunday and I'm guessing those are numbered for us these days!
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Five on Friday

Happy Friday! It's a gloomy/snowy day here in Maine but all that matters is that we made it to the weekend! And that I have a Lady Date tonight....hello guacamole!
As usual, I'm linking up with April and Co. for another round of 5 on Friday

1. This Welcome
I am loving all of the new faces in the comment section of the blog! Welcome, I'm so glad ya'll are here and hope that you stay awhile. A big hey! goes out to all of you hopping over from Bloglovin...I can tell a bunch of ya'll are new, too and I'm thrilled to have you. If you aren't super annoyed after reading a post or two, I'd love for you to join me as a Newlyweds:North Fab Follower. If you are super annoyed, no judgment. It can get rogue around here.

2. This Frosting

Oh heavens, ya'll have got to get you some of this! I whipped up a dark chocolate cake (a box mix, nothing fancy) to celebrate a family milestone last night and I couldn't resist the call of this icing. I'm not really an icing girl....cake? yes, please. But I usually scrape the icing off to the side and just get a taste of it with my cake. I would eat this cookies and cream icing off of my hand if no cake was available. It was so, so good. And smelled like Heaven on Earth.
Just go ahead and get some. You can thank me later.

3. These Thoughts
Ya'll....I accidentally stumbled upon a gazillion pics of water birth and home birth on Pinterest the other day. I may be scarred for life. In all honesty, the scarring doesn't have anything to do with the hows or wheres of those babies being born but the graphic nature of the photos. I'm guessing doctors don't really love for photographers to be all up in a lady's business while she's crowning so there aren't tons of photos head on of a hospital delivery. But Lordy, the photos I saw are burned into my brain. I would prefer to not know how all of this is going to go down in 4 months and seeing those women's faces (and lady bits) in all of the birthing glory was just.too.much. No more Pinterest browsing for me. Ever.Again.

4. This Series

So, thanks to ya'll, I read Divergent. And have since finished all three in the series. I have to say that I enjoyed the story line but haaaaated the way the series ended. Ugh. Overall, I'm glad I read them and think the story will translate well to the big screen. Husband, that was a subtle hint that we're going to see Divergent this weekend. Get your mind right.

5. This Adventure
When we lived in a bigger city, Justin and I would waste away a Saturday wandering around antique markets. This weekend I'm hoping we'll be able to hit a few local thrift and antique shops in hopes of finding a dresser for baby boy's room. Our area is so small that there isn't even a designated Craig's List site for our town, in fact, there is only one Craig's List for all of Maine - otherwise, that's where I'd head. So instead, we're off on an adventure. If I find something, there will be lots of DIY to follow so I'l keep ya'll posted!

Have a fab weekend!

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New Hair Must Haves

I mentioned a million years ago (when I was like 8 weeks pregnant and sick as a dog so I refuse to link to the post/photo) that my hair decided to go completely haywire when we moved to Maine. For my entire life, I've battled my olive skin which creates a typically oily t-zone and hair situation. Like, hair washing every single day, use oily hair shampoo (which is hard to find) and carry dry shampoo in my purse in case I have plans after work kind of hair. Super glam. Especially as an adult. 

Anyway, when we moved here the extreme change in weather and water completely dried my hair out (my sister in law pointed out that the pregnancy hormones probably had a hand in mixing things up too...I was too busy vomiting to really put all that together, but I bet she's right). I have to admit, I was pleased. Dry hair seemed to have a million more solutions in the shampoo aisle at Target than limp, oily hair. It took some time but I've finally figured out my daily hair must haves to combat the dryness while styling. 

I really don't enjoy spending a ton of money on shampoo and conditioner (in fact, until now, I never spent money on conditioned because I never used it. Ever.). I've been pleased with the Body Envy line from Herbal Essences. The conditioner is lightweight and the shampoo leaves my hair residue free and smelling like citrus. Because old habits die hard, I still only apply conditioner to the bottom half of my hair (from the neck down). That's the section that takes the most abuse from my current styling routine and I just can't imagine slathering conditioner on my scalp. 30 years of habits are hard to break! 

Dry Shampoo 

Another habit I had a hard time breaking was the daily washing. My husband will laugh at this and say I'm just lazy, but I've made a conscious effort not to shampoo and blow dry everyday. I'm a big dry shampoo fan (I think I've reviewed 3 or 4 brands on the blog) and I recently abandoned my old Suave go to for the Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo. The main reason it's my new fave is the lack of a white residue left behind on my very dark brown hair. The Naked sprays clear and saves me the step on vigorously rubbing my part to hide the evidence of the dry shampoo spray. The Naked smells fresh but not strong and while I prefer the smell of the Suave, it doesn't outweigh the white part issue.

Curling Iron 

The Infiniti Pro by Conair is my go to curling iron these days. The barrel is 1 1/2 inches and the selling feature for me is the heat control. I can crank up the heat and curl my hair in record time. I use this iron to get the big curls you normally see in all of my Bumpdate pics (my most put together day of the week).

Extra Volume

Ok, this is the Southern girl in me, but I usually give my roots a little extra bump with a bit a of teasing. You know, jack it up to Jesus and all that Southern hair business. Anyways, I just snagged this Goody brush for like $3 and I love it. Plus it's tiny enough to fit into my clutch for a night out. 

Final Touch

As you can tell from the beat up nature of this Garnier Fructis Full ControlHairspray, I use it a ton. I typically flip my head over after curling and just mist the hairspray over the curls. The spray is light, non-sticky and doesn't weigh down my curls. The hold lasts through the day but doesn't leave my hair looking like it's been sprayed to death. 

Who knows what will happen when this baby comes (I'll probably end up bald and greasy) but for now, this is what's working for me day to day! 

Bumpdate: 23 Weeks

How Far Along: 23 weeks

Size Of The Babe: a large mango

Gender: all things boy

Symptoms: my skin is super sensitive on my face and hands, smells are still super strong (I located a Cinnabon from across an airport terminal...), still rocking the crazy dreams, getting up to stumble to the bathroom at least twice a night, still hanging on to the tail end of this cold, loss of rhythm (see below), clumsiness, feeling pretty large and awkward

Loving: the new sweet tea lemonade refresher from starbucks (I've only seen it on the menu in greenville, sc but your local one can whip one up with iced black tea sweetened mixed with lemonade), sleeping with a pillow between my knees, all things baby boy from Baby Gap, talenti gellato with hot fudge and whipped cream

Loathing: how awkward I feel! so get this, Justin and I are big fans of a southern style dance called the shag. we shagged to our first dance and we love to wedding dance. shagging involves a simple step combo and lots of twists and turns. I have been shagging with my husband for years...I know all of his moves....but for the life of me, I could not keep up with him on the dance floor this weekend! I was the worst! I couldn't keep the count, the twists hurt my sides and I was super slow in my heels. it was such a bummer! I love to dance with my fact, it's one of the things I love most about him - that he'll get out there and dance with me no matter what - and now I'm too slow and big to keep up!

Husband: loved his time in greenville and clemson. he picked out the cutest infant hat with a tiger paw on it for the baby's first football game (he'll be maybe a month old and we'll be in maine, but we definitely dress up and go all out in the game day celebration department) and I think he loved that the baby was bouncing around in my belly during the basketball game (he has his fingers crossed for a college athlete)

Weddings Rings: so long gone, and so are the loaners thanks to the awesome rash I get under them...sweet.

Belly Button: still an innie

Movement: more and more...mostly at night and after sugary treats. our friend jaime was the first one to feel the baby move just last night...she is super patient and waits until she feels the teeniest bump and then squeals like crazy. 

Maternity Clothes: same old same...mix and match maternity with the regular clothes in my closet

Best Part of the Week: the baby did a complete summersault in my belly! it felt so, so much so that I immediately looked at my belly and then I saw him do it again...that's the first time I've seen my belly move and it was bonkers! 

Worst Part of the Week: well, our flight to south carolina was really rough for me because my sinuses felt like they were going to implode. it was genuinely the worst pain ever - I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head and my teeth were going to fall out. I have never wanted sudafed or to be sedated more in my life.

Missing Most: spring, living in the south, wearing heels without being in pain for days afterwards, having thighs that don't rub themselves raw because they are too close together 

Can't Wait: for my lady date this weekend, to see Divergent with my husband on a date night, to get the nursery going, to see our babe at his next ultrasound and for this cold to finally hit the road.

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Baby Gap Sale Best

Baby Gap Sale Best

Happy Tuesday!

I've already mentioned my love of Baby Gap for baby boy's closet essentials and today I couldn't resist sharing the best of their sale with ya'll. One of my favorite things about Baby Gap is the amazing selection of boy gear that doesn't necessarily scream boy in a cheesy way. Aaaaaand, best of all, they are always having a sale. I never purchase anything from the Gap companies full price - ever. Ok, with the exception of one thing that I had to have...and I'll show you that in a minute. Anyway, these are my fave items in the current clearance section of Baby Gap online. My own store has a rocking sale rack that calls to me and the selection rotates constantly, so how can I not swing in there all.of.the.time.

And this little guy just had to come home for my future Mainiac

I can't wait to squish him into it this Fall! 
The Lobster Onesie is the crowning jewel of the new Tidal line for Spring/Summer...if you have a bambino on the way, go check it out!  

Weekend Hangover

Oh baby, was this weekend crazy! 
We flew to South Carolina to celebrate the wedding of dear friends and I couldn't have been happier to head South. I think Justin and I are still a teensy bit in denial about how far away we really do live from our friends and family. What makes me say that? Well, we tend to plan the shortest.trips.of.all.time. despite the fact that we need to block a solid 10 hours for travel time. We landed in Greenville Friday night at midnight and were supposed to hop a flight home at 7:30am Sunday morning. Ugh. 

Anyways, the one thing I asked Justin is that he please not make any plans for us on Saturday. I know we had so many people to see and hugs to give and babies to kiss but honestly, all I wanted was to spend the few free hours we had Saturday outside in downtown Greenville. 
All I wanted was sun, warmth, a precious downtown, real shops, delicious restaurants and people.

We started the day at Tupelo Honey... 

Happiness is a fresh biscuit with blueberry jam and honey
(all photos are from the iPhone, sorry for the quality)

I had fried chicken and biscuits, sans the gravy, add the honey

Ya'll....things we actually blooming!
I was thrilled just to see the ground, but actual flowers?!

We spent some time wandering into shops and cruising up and down Main Street

And no trip to Greenville would be complete without a trip to Falls Park...
This is the first time I've worn a dress (except in Mexico) since October...
and ya' upper thighs rub together the worst fat person feeling ever. 
Thanks fetus.

Ok, so this photo below actually made me kinda sad. I wanted to stay on the bridge forever watching the families with little babies, toddlers and wild hooligans lay in the sun, play with the ducks and run wild. I honestly felt like a bad soon to be mom. These babies can lay in the sun in a park...we won't be able to give that to Gray for months yet. Fresh air, new things to see, sunshine...all of it seems so simple until you really can't have it 6 months out of the year. 

After 4 hours walking the downtown area, we headed to Clemson for Ashley and Weston's wedding.
I wore the black Old Navy Dress I mentioned in last Friday's post...and drank a billion Shirley Temples.

Sorry this post is so late in the day Molly!

This is what happens when you get married during March Madness

And when two Clemson Alums get married....

I managed to wear heels (a half size larger than unusual) the entire evening, even on the dance floor....and oh goodness am I still paying for it. Holy crap my feet feel like I ran a marathon.

Super blurry dance floor pic of the Bride and Groom

More March Madness...

So, we knew we had a very early wake up call Sunday morning...5am to be order to get back to Greenville for our 7:30am flight. We managed to slip out of the reception a few minutes early and tossed our stuff into our bags to make the morning easier. But honestly, when the alarms went off Sunday morning, we just couldn't hack it. We turned them off and went back to bed. A costly decision, but a quality of life decision non the less.

So, what does one do when they missed their flight and schedule a new one for 12 hours later?
Head to a Clemson Basketball game of course!

It was a sell out crowd of 10,000 and Baby's first basketball game...he was wiggling around so much! 
(excuse the no make up...we were supposed to be home in Maine by then and I had not planned accordingly)

The game was super close and the Tigers won by a point...Justin was a happy camper!

After the game we made our way to Charlotte, hopped a flight to Detroit and then on to Maine.
We landed in 10 degree weather and the news that we are getting another snow storm on Wednesday.
But, hey, our bags made it, we made it, our friends are happily married,  and we got to take the bump to his first basketball game....all in all, I'd say that's a win across the board!

And now I need to lay in bed/soak my feet/grease my thighs/pump the biscuits out of my veins.

See ya'll tomorrow! 

Five on Friday

Hey ya'll! Happy Friday! 
We made it to the weekend...thank goodness.
We're headed South today so I thought I'd whip up a quick Five on Friday for ya'll before we hit the skies.

1. Happy Birthday to this guy! 

My baby brother celebrates his birthday like an adult today - working! I am so proud of this kid, he's about to accomplish one of his biggest dreams and I can't wait to be there to celebrate with him when he does. He's the best Buddy in the whole world and I hope he has the best birthday ever! 

2. Ok Divergent lovers, you convinced me! At this very moment a brand new download of Divergent is waiting for me on my iPad. I'm a huge travel reader, so this weekend will be the start of the adventure. Thanks to everyone who recommended Divergent and other books that I have added to my Must Read Before The Baby Comes and Takes Over My Life list.

3. So, last night, I felt the baby do a complete summersault! It was the craziest feeling and I immediately looked down at my belly...and then I SAW him do it again! I haven't felt too much in the way of movement and what I have felt seemed to be small kicks and teeny bumps. That summersault was a complete surprise! And then to see it from the outside for the first time? Totally bonkers.

3.1. Before I head to the airport today I have to go in search of shoes to wear to the wedding this weekend! Some of my heels still fit but only if they're sling backs and open toed...otherwise, my foot huuuuurts in there! Considering I swell when I'm pregnant and fly, I'm thinking even the ones that currently fit will be a treat to squeeze on to my sausage feet on Saturday night. 

4. I promised to review this Old Navy dress when it came in...

I ordered the dress in both black and the army green pictured above in medium during a massive sale...and I love them! I have to say that material and cut is a little different than I thought it would be - I thought the dress would basically be like a t-shirt dress. Instead, it's a bit more slinky...and sexy! The material is very, very soft - a cotton with maybe a bit of lycra...and it will hug every single curve. If you aren't into showing off your bump then this is not your dress. I actually feel pretty great in it and can't wait to wear both colors! 

Here's a shameless bathroom selfie to show you what it looks like. 
Caution: curves ahead! 
P.S. when I looked up the link for ya'll, I saw that they've released two new colors of this pink and dark grey...yep, I'll probably order those too! 

5. And finally, because this makes every single Five for Friday when we're traveling...

Happy Weekend! 

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