Saying Goodbye to the Pink

I am over the moon excited to have a son.
We "knew" from day one that this little babe was a boy. Justin said once "he just has boy energy!". We've called this bump by his name since the day we made it out of the first trimester and stopped calling him The Fetus.
Admittedly, I was openly nervous to have a girl.
They just seem....harder.
And meaner.
I confided in a few girl baby mommies that I wasn't sure that I was cut out for tween, pre-teen, teen and adolescent girl momma work.
All of the mommies said I would be ok and girls are just the best little minis.
Despite their confidence in me, and obvious obsessions with their own minis, I'm just not sure I could hack it girl momma style for babe numero uno.
So clearly, getting the official word that we have a (big) baby boy cooking away in my bump was a fun day for this girl...

But, I have a confession to make:

I am just the teensiest bit sad to say goodbye to the girl stuff.

Sweet baby bows and scrunchy newborn headbands, made by friend and girl baby momma, Megan @ Willow Crowns

Modern and Glam baby girl nest designs...although baby boy will get that crib, so not all is lost

And of course, all of the baby girl couture


I could go on and on...and yes, before ya'll jump all over me, I know there are tons of baby boy styles that are just sweet baby perfection and trust me, I can't wait to get my hands on them. 

Beyond the superficial stuff, a tiny part of me wished for a girl because of that old adage, "a son is a son until he gets a wife, a daughter is a daughter for life." Of course, my husband (who grew up with three brothers and had never heard that before) thinks this old saying is just that, an old saying. Being the only daughter and the oldest, I happen to think it rings very true. A daughter is a gift for many reasons...and at the very least is more likely to change your adult diapers in your old folks home than your grown son (he'd probably send his wife, poor thing).

So here it is, my final goodbye to the pink (for now): 
I had a perfect little name picked out for you, sweet girl, and oh baby, would we have had fun together (until you got an attitude, then you could have had fun with your dad). But you may still be coming somewhere down the road, so I'll keep pinning perfect little ruffles to my Pinterest boards and will threaten the lives of anyone thinking of stealing your darling little nickname. If you do ever make your appearance, don't worry, I'll clear out all of the orange football jerseys and will make room for all of your dolls and tutus...and you'll have a sweet big brother ready to welcome you into this wild, crazy family. 

(Speaking of orange football jerseys, I wonder where Justin is stashing the ones he's secretly been buying since they day I told him I was's ok Husband, you can bring them out now, it's all boy, all the time from here on out! )
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  1. This is so sweet! I am the total opposite. I am dying for a girl, and I am terrified to have a son. We of course will be happy with either, but I cannot imagine having a child that doesn't want to do all the girly things I love to do for fun.

  2. I think I would feel the same way!! You will be a great momma no matter what, and at least if there is a little girl in the future for y'all, she'll have a big bro to watch out for her!

  3. I so badly wanted a boy and that's what we got! I know if we would have had a girl I would have been just as excited but there is something about a house full of boys that I love. I was raised with 5 brothers, I love the chaos of boys and their sweet little ball uniforms :)

  4. This is so sweet!! I totally get what you mean about the teenage years with a girl - my oh my did my mom and I got at it!! Little boys clothes will be adorable!!

  5. Oh man I can't believe that in 7 more days I find out what I'm cooking. I am thinking it is a boy as well, but secretly, selfishly hoping for a little girl. Since I am not giving the "first" grandbaby to my parents it would be so special to not only give my parents their first grand daughter - but my grandpa his first great granddaughter (he has 7 great grandsons!). Either way I am happy as a clam...after all boys love their mama's!! I think I am getting prepared to say goodbye to pink next week as well. We can mourn the loss together!

  6. I'm not married and definitely nowhere near ready to be pregnant, but I worry because I only want girls! Little boys seem so "foreign" to me and I love little girl clothes (totally superficial, I know). I know all parents-to-be say they just want a healthy baby, which I'm sure is true, but I always wonder doesn't some tiny part of you have a preference? So I appreciate your honesty on that matter! One of my friends has a friend who cried during the ultrasound when she found out she was having a boy instead of a girl, and I so worry that'll be me one day haha. Glad you and your husband got what you "wanted" and I love the name you picked out too!

  7. I 100% know how you feel! While I love having a boy and all the amazing things that come with being his mama, I am aching for a little girl next time!


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