Five on Friday

Happy Friday! We made it to the weekend!
Linking up with Natasha and crew for yet another 5 on Friday

1. Mainiac Weather
Yesterday was the most gorgeous day in Maine. Our winters drag on and on...we aren't even close to Spring around when we get a glimpse of warmth and sunshine, we go nuts and soak it up.
I am apparently no exception.
I opened my sunroof and rolled down my windows while doing errands
and then, I laid on the back steps with the dog for hours.

Not a back porch, but back steps.
I just couldn't resist the sunshine.
And what was the spectacular high that glorious day?
43 degrees.
A year ago, I would have thought this sounded insane. Today, it sounds like Heaven.

2. Gourmet Dinner
Last night Justin and I decided to recreate our trip to Mexico and headed to a local Mexican joint. Chips, salsa, guac, queso and margs (virgin for me) made for a perfect happy hour. Justin and I got to spend time together and regroup after a crazy week. It was perfection.
And our main course?
Cold Stone Creamery.
yep, that happened.

3. The New Camera

We recently snagged the Rebel SL1 and I love it. I have a ton of studying to do in order to even turn it on but after tons and tons of research, I am so happy that we finally pulled the trigger on a new camera. And thank you Best Buy for having a massive President's Day sale...otherwise my dream of a DSLR would have waited for another day.

4. Baby Registry
Ok baby mommas, what is the deal with registering for a babe!?
It may be the most stressful experience of all time! How can something so little need so much stuff?! Swing, rock and play, pack and play, play mat, mamaroo, sleep sheep, good grief! I've pretty much given up making my own decisions (because how can I know what a human might like or prefer when he hasn't even taken a breath yet) and am registering for the things that my best girlfriends with babies swear by.

The only sticking point for me is the stroller.
I can't even imagine trying to push a stroller through the 4 inches of slush currently residing in the Hannaford's parking lot. My Southern Mama friends can use their strollers 12 months out of the year...I've been looking at 2 feet of snow for months.
Will I need a stroller?
Will I use it?
Should I spend hundred of dollars on a stroller when I may just carry baby boy in his car seat while he's an infant or wear him for ease while the weather is terrible?
Northern Mamas, any tips or stroller recs?? I'm pretty set on the Maxi-Cosi Mico AP carseat but it can be adapted to fit most high end stroller brands.

5. Lady Date
I am going on a Lady Date tonight! I haven't seen Melissa in ages and I absolutely cannot wait to spend hours with her over dinner and drinks.

Have a fab weekend ya'll!
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  1. YAY for a DSLR! You can find a ton of tutorials online, they have helped me a lot. I'm no help on the baby registry but I second your concern about a little human needing so much shit! haha Good luck!

  2. I know when I get pregnant I'm going to be researching up the wazoo about what baby things to buy! And probably bugging all my friends with kids too! Have a great *warmer* weekend!

  3. What is this taco thing?! I am with you! I am trying to get ahead of the game on registering and it is crazy stressful!

    1. ha the taco is what my friend Allie calls the Fisher Price Rock N Play Sleeper...her little loves it :-)

  4. Congrats on the little one!!! Oh...congrats on the new camera too!!! Happy Friday. Found you through the link-up.

    1. yay! welcome and thanks a ton! right now the camera is much more fun to play with than my bump :-)

  5. Enjoy the warmer weather- and your afternoon yesterday sounds heavenly!! I can't imagine having to try to research all those least you have great friends to turn to!! Happy weekend!

  6. Ah, I am wanting a new camera! and that one looks great! And good luck with the registry ;)
    Happy Friday!
    xo A Southern Style

  7. So happy that you got your new camera, I've heard great things about that one! You'll love playing around with it I'm sure! xoxo

  8. I do not have kids myself, but my best friend is pregnant and expecting her first in May so she's been making her registry too. The consensus she has decided on is not buy a swing or bouncy thing and rent or borrow one first. It is a big expense if your baby doesn't like them.

    Good luck!

  9. I have had my camera almost a year now and still struggle with it's features. That thing is complicated! Baby registry is so overwhelming. Luckily I have two sisters that are going to help me out. I also find that bloggers are a good source of help!

  10. Hi! I am pregnant with my 4th baby and live in I know ALL too well about the snow and never-ending winter. I would recommend going with a super lightweight stroller you can attach your preferred infant carseat in (since your baby will be born in the summer and you won't have to fight through the now for a few months) and also invest in a BOB single jogging stroller. You can get an attachment so you can "click" the infant car seat in it. We have a double BOB stroller and LOVE it. It is super heavy duty (can definitely handle some snow/slush) but surprisingly not overly heavy and drives like a dream. For our fourth- I plan on getting the attachment so I can put the infant carseat on one side and have my toddler on the other side. Also- my opinion on the swing is- if you can borrow one or get one used- I recommend that. None of my girls liked the swing- so we never used it! And they take up a lot of space. Basically- your going to get MORE than you need for your first little one and then you will figure out as you go along- truly what your baby and you prefer the best. It is one big, ongoing learning experiment :) Best of luck!!! Motherhood is AMAZING!

  11. Visiting from the link up. I know all babies are different but my advice is to invest in a nice swing! My daughter loved it!!

  12. Hi! I found your blog through the 5 on Friday link up and I just love it! You have such a cute maternity style! Congrats on your little boy too! :) Feel free to visit me over at -- my husband and I are newlyweds too -- about to celebrate our 1 year anniversary next month!

  13. you'll love the camera! And, you're right. I never thought 43 would sound warm until this week, either. Bring on the spring weather!

  14. You will still want a stroller living in the great, white north. I live in MN and love my baby trend jogging stroller - it's very maneuverable. That being said, I'm a pansy and don't take it out in the snow/frigid cold much...!

  15. That text was perfection! :) Found you through the link up and enjoying your journey

  16. Do not stress about registering! Babies need way less than we actually think! I have a jogging stroller and only use it for actual runs (which isn't that often to be honest). Baby wearing is a much easier way to go! I recommend a solly baby wrap for the infant stage & a ergo, tula, or baby hawk mei tai for 4 months+. My baby is 19 months & I still wear him everywhere!

  17. we were so overwhelmed when we went to register. Looking back, I'd use Amazon next time so I could read reviews, I was registering!

  18. The Amazon scanning app is a great way to read reviews as you are in the store physically looking at items. Check out the book and website Baby Bargains. Lots of good info and they divide up their recommendations into each price range. We just used a snap and go while the boys were in their infant seats and then put them in strollers for test drives as they got a bit older to decide what was best for that time.


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