Bumpdate: 18 Weeks

How Far Along: 18 weeks

Size of Babe: a bell pepper

Gender: all boy

Symptoms: ugh. this week has been rough in the symptoms department. let's see...

1. super uncomfortable/hurting tummy at night after dinner.
2. terrible sleep (and I mean terrible)
3. still some food aversion (see below re: wing night melt down)
4. super dry skin
5. emotional (had a major outburst last night, in our kitchen, when we were all supposed to be getting in the car to head to wing night.)
6. growing pains
7. back pain (headed to a physical therapist as my doctor was some what surprised that my sciatic was acting up so soon)
8. majorly missing having my friends who have little babies nearby
9. missing our families
10. missing being taken care of (see: missing our families)
11. physically worn out (it's getting really hard for me to bend down or stretch so cleaning the house etc is really taxing and I just want to lay down)
12. major, major baby brain (I literally say the wrong word all.of.the.time it is so frustrating for me. sometimes, I can't think of the word I need at all. this has never happened in my entire life. ever)
13. still rocking the stuffy nose and extra sensitive allergies

 Loving: that baby boy checked out all healthy at our last check up (and still measuring big) and all of my concerns seemed to fall in the normal, first time pregnant person range. also loving that my mother in law is starting to smock for baby Gray (check out her Etsy shop Sew Heavenly One) and that we have all of the major nursery furniture picked out

Loathing: a belly band! I think they are so uncomfortable! I may be the only person on Earth who hates them but I am so out. Also loathing winter, being cold in our house and salt stains on everything from every shoe I own to every flat surface in my house. And also not loving researching important baby purchases like car seats and strollers. Good grief, there are too many options, consumer reports and opinions out there.

Husband: is working hard, trying to deal with a his pregnant wife and trying to help me whenever he can.

Wedding Rings: gave them another shot this week and only made it a few hours. I think they are off for good.

Belly Button: still in

Movement: not yet....at least I think not yet...sometimes I think the twinges I feel at night when I lay down for bed may be him but I can't tell for sure (newbie status).

Maternity Clothes: yes and no. yes to maternity tank tops, leggings and full panel jeans (for comfort since I don't love a belly band- my regular jeans still fit with the exception of the buttons/zipper)...regular tops, jackets and blazers are still good to go.

Best Part of the Week: getting a new camera so that I can document baby Gray!  we took advantage of a President's Day sale at Best Buy and I couldn't be happier with our purchase.
(and maybe, secretly, finding out that I actually lost weight between week 13 and week 17. I was a hot bloated mess and while I am not tracking my weight, I am glad to know that I am now all baby)

Worst Part of the Week: my wing night emotional outburst that hurt my Husband. I didn't mean for what I said to hurt him and I couldn't sleep that night thinking of his face when it did. Also, not sleeping this week has had an impact on everything (I know, get used to it. but he's not here yet so technically I don't have to if I don't want to!)

Missing Most: warm weather, being able to zip my coat without taking a solid two minutes fumbling with the zipper, being able to take my boots off without being in pain, thinking and talking like my normal self.

Can't Wait For: baby sunsuits and rompers, feeling Gray move and not feeling Miz Town USA after every single meal.

This pic is for my Dad...for some reason he hates all of the pics where I'm holding my bump...so here ya go Daddy...a regular ole pose. 
(frame that shit)

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  1. You are too cute! I love the name Gray! You're so lucky your mother in law can smock. Gray's going to have the cutest clothes!

  2. Sorry to hear that you're having a rough week - but you look fantastic!! I'm sure your husband understands it's not you talking...it's the baby brain!!

  3. Even if you don't feel well- you look amazing!! :) Also love the name Gray!

  4. You look so cute! Also, you look like you totally right in there in the Maine snow, I'm impressed! :)

  5. Girl! I feel like you are my future pregnant self. Trimester 2 has been harder on me than 1! But I think that is also in part to me having no idea we were pregnant until week 9. Someone came in my office smelling like cigarette's yesterday and I literally gagged...twice. And I find that if I don't have small snacks throughout the day I become super nauseous. No fun! We are also supposed to start house hunting and I am beginning to get super stressed and bummed about it. Real Estate where I live is enough to make anyone cry, let alone a pregnant person!

  6. Well aren't you just the most precious thing in the world?? Seriously, I'm not 18 weeks pregnant and you look way cuter than I do! =P I know you're sick of the snow, but I'm still jealous of it. I haven't seen snow in over a year! :(

  7. You would never know it was a rough week looking at your photos, looking gorgeous! Hope it gets better!


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