February 2014 | Olive and Tate

Bumpdate: 19 Weeks

How Far Along: 19 Weeks

Size of Babe: an heirloom tomato

Gender: our sweet baby boy Gray will arrive in July

Symptoms: the winter blues are hitting me hard this week. it feels like years since our trip to mexico and it's only been two weeks. still rocking the lack of energy, stuffy nose and allergies. surprisingly, i actually don't have much of an appetite these days so I'm working hard to eat well for baby. otherwise, i'm feeling pretty good and getting pretty big.

Loving: green tea, diet dr. pepper, bagels with cream cheese, Target, popcorn, sleeping with a pillow between my knees

Loathing: chicken wings, figuring out the baby registry, snow, winter, ice, crappy internet connections

Husband: is out of town for work, dodging the pregnant wife bullet.

Wedding Rings: off for the long haul, rocking the hand me down jewels with pleasure

Belly Button: getting more shallow

Movement: yes! those little twinges from the last two weeks were definitely him! 
P.S. the feeling of the movement is kinda weird....

Maternity Clothes: same as the last few weeks...yes to to maternity tank tops and leggings/pants...yes to regular tops and jackets

Best Part of the Week: figuring out that the baby is moving around in there! also, mark sent our friend jaime over to try to cheer me out of my seasonal depression...I'm a lucky girl to have them both.

Worst Part of the Week: figuring out that I can't drink, take the good drugs, hit the tanning bed or even head outside for a long walk (it's too icy and I can't risk a fall) to beat the winter blues. I'm thinking of running away to Virginia for a while.

Missing Most: sunshine, grass and warm weather

Can't Wait For: spring.

Oh baby, that bump is getting big!

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Trashy Book Report: Drinking and Tweeting

Hey ya'll!
So here we are again, another Monday....
at least the sun in shining here (even though it's 30 degrees and feels like 21)

But anyways, I've been meaning to share this little Book Report with y'all since our trip to Mexico. Thanks to my Lady Date Melissa for the endless chatter about Bravo this weekend that reminded me to share this little gem...

Disclaimer: this book will not expand your mind, vocabulary or world view.
It will, however, entertain you endlessly while on a short flight, laying on the beach or lounging by the pool.

If you like Brandi on RHOBH, and can stand endless gossip, digs and shout outs to crazy Leanne Rhimes, then you will love Drinking and Tweeting.
I honestly really enjoyed this book. Brandi is very self deprecating while she openly names people who have wronged her and details those wrong doings.
You will most certainly get her perspective on her marriage before, during and after her husband's well publicized affair as well as her struggle to raise her children in the way she was raised in a non-Hollywood environment.

I downloaded an e copy on my iPad for less than $10 and read it on my flight from Philly to Pheonix on our way to Cabo. It's a perfect read to get your mind just right for a vacation (Justin chose to read "Everything You Need to Know to Manage Your Finances in Your 20's" uh...not an appropriate vacation read). I might not be bold enough to pay for the hardback airport book store version of "Drinking and Tweeting", but a quick, cheap download on an e reader is perfect.

Hope ya'll enjoy!

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Five on Friday

Happy Friday! We made it to the weekend!
Linking up with Natasha and crew for yet another 5 on Friday

1. Mainiac Weather
Yesterday was the most gorgeous day in Maine. Our winters drag on and on...we aren't even close to Spring around here...so when we get a glimpse of warmth and sunshine, we go nuts and soak it up.
I am apparently no exception.
I opened my sunroof and rolled down my windows while doing errands
and then, I laid on the back steps with the dog for hours.

Not a back porch, but back steps.
I just couldn't resist the sunshine.
And what was the spectacular high that glorious day?
43 degrees.
A year ago, I would have thought this sounded insane. Today, it sounds like Heaven.

2. Gourmet Dinner
Last night Justin and I decided to recreate our trip to Mexico and headed to a local Mexican joint. Chips, salsa, guac, queso and margs (virgin for me) made for a perfect happy hour. Justin and I got to spend time together and regroup after a crazy week. It was perfection.
And our main course?
Cold Stone Creamery.
yep, that happened.

3. The New Camera

We recently snagged the Rebel SL1 and I love it. I have a ton of studying to do in order to even turn it on but after tons and tons of research, I am so happy that we finally pulled the trigger on a new camera. And thank you Best Buy for having a massive President's Day sale...otherwise my dream of a DSLR would have waited for another day.

4. Baby Registry
Ok baby mommas, what is the deal with registering for a babe!?
It may be the most stressful experience of all time! How can something so little need so much stuff?! Swing, rock and play, pack and play, play mat, mamaroo, sleep sheep, good grief! I've pretty much given up making my own decisions (because how can I know what a human might like or prefer when he hasn't even taken a breath yet) and am registering for the things that my best girlfriends with babies swear by.

The only sticking point for me is the stroller.
I can't even imagine trying to push a stroller through the 4 inches of slush currently residing in the Hannaford's parking lot. My Southern Mama friends can use their strollers 12 months out of the year...I've been looking at 2 feet of snow for months.
Will I need a stroller?
Will I use it?
Should I spend hundred of dollars on a stroller when I may just carry baby boy in his car seat while he's an infant or wear him for ease while the weather is terrible?
Northern Mamas, any tips or stroller recs?? I'm pretty set on the Maxi-Cosi Mico AP carseat but it can be adapted to fit most high end stroller brands.

5. Lady Date
I am going on a Lady Date tonight! I haven't seen Melissa in ages and I absolutely cannot wait to spend hours with her over dinner and drinks.

Have a fab weekend ya'll!
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Bumpdate: 18 Weeks

How Far Along: 18 weeks

Size of Babe: a bell pepper

Gender: all boy

Symptoms: ugh. this week has been rough in the symptoms department. let's see...

1. super uncomfortable/hurting tummy at night after dinner.
2. terrible sleep (and I mean terrible)
3. still some food aversion (see below re: wing night melt down)
4. super dry skin
5. emotional (had a major outburst last night, in our kitchen, when we were all supposed to be getting in the car to head to wing night.)
6. growing pains
7. back pain (headed to a physical therapist as my doctor was some what surprised that my sciatic was acting up so soon)
8. majorly missing having my friends who have little babies nearby
9. missing our families
10. missing being taken care of (see: missing our families)
11. physically worn out (it's getting really hard for me to bend down or stretch so cleaning the house etc is really taxing and I just want to lay down)
12. major, major baby brain (I literally say the wrong word all.of.the.time it is so frustrating for me. sometimes, I can't think of the word I need at all. this has never happened in my entire life. ever)
13. still rocking the stuffy nose and extra sensitive allergies

 Loving: that baby boy checked out all healthy at our last check up (and still measuring big) and all of my concerns seemed to fall in the normal, first time pregnant person range. also loving that my mother in law is starting to smock for baby Gray (check out her Etsy shop Sew Heavenly One) and that we have all of the major nursery furniture picked out

Loathing: a belly band! I think they are so uncomfortable! I may be the only person on Earth who hates them but I am so out. Also loathing winter, being cold in our house and salt stains on everything from every shoe I own to every flat surface in my house. And also not loving researching important baby purchases like car seats and strollers. Good grief, there are too many options, consumer reports and opinions out there.

Husband: is working hard, trying to deal with a his pregnant wife and trying to help me whenever he can.

Wedding Rings: gave them another shot this week and only made it a few hours. I think they are off for good.

Belly Button: still in

Movement: not yet....at least I think not yet...sometimes I think the twinges I feel at night when I lay down for bed may be him but I can't tell for sure (newbie status).

Maternity Clothes: yes and no. yes to maternity tank tops, leggings and full panel jeans (for comfort since I don't love a belly band- my regular jeans still fit with the exception of the buttons/zipper)...regular tops, jackets and blazers are still good to go.

Best Part of the Week: getting a new camera so that I can document baby Gray!  we took advantage of a President's Day sale at Best Buy and I couldn't be happier with our purchase.
(and maybe, secretly, finding out that I actually lost weight between week 13 and week 17. I was a hot bloated mess and while I am not tracking my weight, I am glad to know that I am now all baby)

Worst Part of the Week: my wing night emotional outburst that hurt my Husband. I didn't mean for what I said to hurt him and I couldn't sleep that night thinking of his face when it did. Also, not sleeping this week has had an impact on everything (I know, get used to it. but he's not here yet so technically I don't have to if I don't want to!)

Missing Most: warm weather, being able to zip my coat without taking a solid two minutes fumbling with the zipper, being able to take my boots off without being in pain, thinking and talking like my normal self.

Can't Wait For: baby sunsuits and rompers, feeling Gray move and not feeling Miz Town USA after every single meal.

This pic is for my Dad...for some reason he hates all of the pics where I'm holding my bump...so here ya go Daddy...a regular ole pose. 
(frame that shit)

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Saying Goodbye to the Pink

I am over the moon excited to have a son.
We "knew" from day one that this little babe was a boy. Justin said once "he just has boy energy!". We've called this bump by his name since the day we made it out of the first trimester and stopped calling him The Fetus.
Admittedly, I was openly nervous to have a girl.
They just seem....harder.
And meaner.
I confided in a few girl baby mommies that I wasn't sure that I was cut out for tween, pre-teen, teen and adolescent girl momma work.
All of the mommies said I would be ok and girls are just the best little minis.
Despite their confidence in me, and obvious obsessions with their own minis, I'm just not sure I could hack it girl momma style for babe numero uno.
So clearly, getting the official word that we have a (big) baby boy cooking away in my bump was a fun day for this girl...

But, I have a confession to make:

I am just the teensiest bit sad to say goodbye to the girl stuff.

Sweet baby bows and scrunchy newborn headbands, made by friend and girl baby momma, Megan @ Willow Crowns

Modern and Glam baby girl nest designs...although baby boy will get that crib, so not all is lost

And of course, all of the baby girl couture


I could go on and on...and yes, before ya'll jump all over me, I know there are tons of baby boy styles that are just sweet baby perfection and trust me, I can't wait to get my hands on them. 

Beyond the superficial stuff, a tiny part of me wished for a girl because of that old adage, "a son is a son until he gets a wife, a daughter is a daughter for life." Of course, my husband (who grew up with three brothers and had never heard that before) thinks this old saying is just that, an old saying. Being the only daughter and the oldest, I happen to think it rings very true. A daughter is a gift for many reasons...and at the very least is more likely to change your adult diapers in your old folks home than your grown son (he'd probably send his wife, poor thing).

So here it is, my final goodbye to the pink (for now): 
I had a perfect little name picked out for you, sweet girl, and oh baby, would we have had fun together (until you got an attitude, then you could have had fun with your dad). But you may still be coming somewhere down the road, so I'll keep pinning perfect little ruffles to my Pinterest boards and will threaten the lives of anyone thinking of stealing your darling little nickname. If you do ever make your appearance, don't worry, I'll clear out all of the orange football jerseys and will make room for all of your dolls and tutus...and you'll have a sweet big brother ready to welcome you into this wild, crazy family. 

(Speaking of orange football jerseys, I wonder where Justin is stashing the ones he's secretly been buying since they day I told him I was pregnant....it's ok Husband, you can bring them out now, it's all boy, all the time from here on out! )
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Winter Escape 2014: Cabo San Lucas

Our weekend in Maine looked like this:

We woke up Saturday morning to more snow on the ground in one night than we've ever seen before. Enough snow to completely cover our back steps in one night...

Sounds like the perfect time to reminisce about our Winter Escape to Cabo San Lucas!

We stayed at the Sirena Del Mar by Welk and we loved it.
Despite how pleased we were, I'm actually not going to link up to it for a couple of reasons:
What we loved most was how tiny the property was. Because of the size, the service was amazing. Our room was literally the closest to the water that I've ever seen personally. And that infinity pool? Heavenly, with a view of the Arch.

So, what's not to love? Well, the Welk is growing. They are currently building a new building that will actually double the size of the property. I would think twice myself before booking a return trip... I would be concerned that the property would feel crowded, the staff would be stretched thin and the one tiny restaurant wouldn't be able to take the strain.

As a side note, there were very, very few children at this property. While we were there we saw one baby and one pre-schooler. The property really isn't set up for children and with the new building, it may become more family friendly. For our winter escape purposes, the quiet, kid free environment was ideal.

We had such an amazing trip. We lounged around in the sun, went on spontaneous adventures, cruised around town in "white lightening", golfed at The One and Only Palmilla, went whale watching, read endless books, went to bed early, slept late, ate amazing breakfasts on our balcony and left work and stress behind.

February Winter Escapes are a mandatory tradition from here on out!

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Valentine's Day Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting

Happy Valentine's Day, Ya'll!

We aren't huge on the whole celebrating Valentine's Day thing in our house…this morning I left Mark and Justin a few little treats on the kitchen table with cards from Macie, Gray and myself, but everything was tiny and from the dollar section of Target! 

On the other hand, I've been craving chocolate a ton recently and couldn't resist the opportunity to whip something up and blame it on the holiday.

Behold, the Chocolate Box Cake Upgrade with Homemade Peanut Butter Frosting

For the cake, I used this set of box cake upgrade instructions that I've seen floating around Pinterest. It's super simple…you basically just make a box cake terrible for you and extra delicious all at once!

Grab a standard box cake from the grocery store
(I went with Devil's Food)
Pre-heat over according to the box
add the eggs called for on the box
add 2 more
(for a total of 5 eggs)
Use melted butter instead of oil
Use double the amount of butter than the called for amount of oil
Use milk instead of water
Add 2 tsp of vanilla
(I skipped this step for the Devil's Food)

Bake according to the box

Now, the frosting is a bit more intensive.
And by a bit more, I mean I think store bought might be my style from here on out.

I used this recipe with the peanut butter addition listed:

3/4 cup room temp butter
8 cups sifted powder sugar
1/3 cup milk
2 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup peanut butter

cream the peanut butter and the butter together
(I used my stand mixer)
slowly add in 2 cups of the sifted powdered sugar
slowly add in the milk
slowly add in the vanilla
add in the remaining powdered sugar until the icing becomes a spreadable consistency

While the recipe is not hard to understand, sifting 8 cups of powdered sugars is a bit tedious and I actually found that I did not need all of the powdered sugar the recipe called for.

Apparently, making sure the butter is room temperature is a big deal and honestly, waiting for that butter to warm up took forever! The recipe specifically states not to melt the butter but let it warm on its own….but goodness, who has time for that?

While my finished product is not glamorous or gorgeous, it tastes decadent and amazing. I'm sure if I were more of a pro I could have beaten the icing into a more appealing consistency but you know what? It's the thought that counts! 

The heart topper is actually out a a pack of foam hearts from the Target One Spot. I cut a straw to the height that I wanted and taped the heart to the straw. Jam that puppy in the center of the cake and there you have it: Valentine's Day! 

Gray, Macie, Justin and I wish you all the love in the world this Valentine's Day!