The Day The Roof Died

Well, I had a super cute post idea all planned out for ya'll this morning, but unfortunately, today is the day our roof died.

As I've mentioned 1 million times before, we live in a house that is 100 years old...and in Maine (what?! you didn't know?!) so roofs are kinda a big deal around here. We've been blanketed with almost 3 feet of snow in a matter of weeks and a good solid inch of ice as a result of a sleet attack a few days before Christmas. All of that weighs heavily on you car, the neighborhood sidewalks and of course, your roof.

I woke up this morning to the sound of constant dripping...which seemed ok seeing as we are experiencing an absurd warm snap of 43 degrees. That warm snap has also brought a few inches of rain....but temps will quickly plummet tonight to around 10 degrees...meaning all that rain will freeze. Anyways, the dripping seemed reasonable until I left my bedroom and it seemingly got louder...and the closer I got to Mark's bedroom door in the attic the louder it got.
Oh yeah..soaked carpets, water coming in with a vengeance, and panic ensues.
I actually called Justin at work and told him to come home, which has never, ever happened before.
And then I called my dad who told me to get pans and buckets and get to work.

Of course, on my way to solve one patch of soggy carpet, I found three more leaving me pan-less and ready for Justin to be home.

As of now, we are both in our kitchen waiting on a random roofer who has time to see us "in a few hours"........

Oh, the joys of living in the North!

P.S. Moms: we are fine, safe and just a little drippy. We'll call you when we have news of a solution! Translation: Justin is testy.

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  1. Bless your poor little heart! I remember my brother flipping out because the ceiling in the kitchen caved in three weeks after he bought the house and moved in. And this is a two-story home in Phoenix, where water and weight can never be an issue.

    I will be praying for a speedy and inexpensive fix. :)


  2. Oh no!! So sorry to hear that's how your week is starting out! Praying you have a really quick fix and it wont break the bank!!

  3. Oh my GOSH, you poor things. We have had floods before (basement pipes bursting!), and I know that it is NOT FUN. That moment you step foot in squishy, wet carpet.... blech! Hoping for a quick fix for y'all. Good luck!

  4. What a mess!! So sorry you guys are dealing with that, I hope they are able to fix it quickly (and cheaply)!!

  5. Oh no! How stressful!! I hope all your roof worries are resolved quickly!

  6. Our ceiling on our porch leaked a few weeks ago from our hot tub that's directly above it and Theo about flipped. Once it finally stopped dripping his solution was to just never turn on the hot tub again. And we haven't. And guess what, no dripping since! I miss my hot tub though!!

  7. so sorry, that sucks! hope you get a quick (and not crazy expensive) fix soon!

  8. Oh my that is terrible! I hope everything works out for you guys ! I would do exactly the same thing you did!


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