Five on Friday

 It's Friday and ya'll know what that means…
let's get down to business.

1. 90 Day Fiancé

Um, is anyone else out there watching this? TLC's latest venture to steal away all of my free time has already proven to be a success. 90 Day Fiancé follows the lives of couples who share one thing in common: the guy is from the US and the girl is from another country. All of the women are in the United States through a K1 Visa which is more commonly referred to as a "fiancé visa". The couples have 90 days to get legally married in the US or see ya later females. I think the most interesting thing is that not one couple met via an online dating service. I assumed all of the brides would be of the mail order variety but nope, one of the couples met while the guy was on a mission, one met while the guy was on a work program as an engineer…the only couple who met online did so through a language program that matches up native speakers randomly. Of course, drama ensues as the brides assimilate to their new homes in exciting US locals (midwestern small towns prevail) and in new families who are suspicious of motives and true feelings. It's fascinating to watch.

2.  This Scarf from Old Navy

I love this snake print scarf from Old Navy. I picked mine up the other day for $10 but now I see that it's even more on sale and should only cost you $8 online! My scarf seems to be a bit more in the gray color family as opposed to the brown and I think it's the perfect neutral to get me through traveling and the transitioning seasons (ha, Maine doesn't really have transitions between seasons but it made me feel better to say that). Currently, I'm wearing this little gem with dark skinnies, a navy long sleeved top and my Bean boots…in just a few days, I plan to wear it in Mexico with white jeans and a tank and gladiator sandals! 

Um, screw What to Expect When You're Expecting. That book is a nightmare…like an encyclopedia of things that can go wrong while you're pregnant. 
Dude, You're Gonna Be A Dad! on the other hand is HIL-arious. I'm not sure that Justin has read it, but I sure have and it made me laugh out loud. 

4. Proud Moment

So, I spotted this photo in the most recent Land of Nod catalogue and couldn't help but notice how much their Bayside Rustic 7 Drawer Dresser looks like my Ikea Hemnes Master Bedroom hack!

Their dresser is styled considerably better than mine (which isn't styled at all in these photos) but their dresser will rob your bank account of a grand and ours only hurt us like $400 including the Hobby Lobby drawer pulls! Success! 

5. Cabo, Baby

Our Resort! If it's super great, I'll write a little review for ya'll when we get back! 

Tomorrow we hit the skies….Don't worry, I'll be blogging a bit from Mexico and I have a ton of posts already lined up for ya'll. We are in desperate need of sun and relaxation…and guacamole! 

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! 

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  1. So jealous of your babymoon!! Enjoy!! Oh and 90 day fiancé...I mean - there are no words!

  2. I'm really glad you did a synopsis of 90 day Fiance. I had no clue what it was about. I love that scarf! Might have to hit up Old Navy soon. That Dad book is awesome! I highly doubt my husband would read it but I sure would!

  3. I'll be super impressed if your husband reads that book, if he's anything like mine you might have to replace it with the golf magazines in the bathroom? haha! Hope you have tons of fun in Cabo!! :)

  4. Have a great time soaking up the rays and warm weather!!

  5. I bought that book for a friend of mine when his wife was expecting, and he said it was absolutely hilarious. Great choice!

  6. You have me wanting to record & watch 90 Day Fiance!! :) I havent seen it yet! Have a great trip to Cabo - that sounds amazing!!

  7. have fun in Mexico--so jealous of the warm weather you'll be enjoying!

  8. I have the book What to Expect When You're Expecting. I didn't get through reading the book when I was pregnant coz it had so much stuff in it. Also, it's pretty expensive! Your IKEA dresser hack is amazing! It definitely looks like the Land of Nod dresser. Did yours come that color? Or did you have to stain/pain it?

  9. Have a blast in Cabo!! I'm so jealous.

  10. I could imagine getting sucked in to 90 Day Fiance...and your trip sounds like it will be awesome!!!

  11. Loving 90 Day Fiance. Thanks for the tip.


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