Bumpdate: Week 14

How Far Along: 14 weeks

Size of Baby: a lemon

Gender: I couldn't sleep last night thinking about this. In Maine, my doctor won't confirm until 20 weeks, which is a millennium from now. And sadly, there is not one single place in the entire state that does drop in ultrasounds. Gender can usually be guaranteed by 16 weeks and I can't imagine waiting longer than that. Interestingly enough, we will be in Charleston around 16 1/2 weeks and as luck would have it, they have a million ultrasound offices that will reveal the gender of your darling fetus......

Symptoms: crazy pains in my left lower back down through my butt cheek, especially if I walk too much, acid reflux, stuffy nose, chunkiness.

Loving: all of the time I've been able to spend with my family, my friends, little babies and at fried food establishments...also super in love with my new Kate Spade diaper bag and the perfect little sweetness that is the coming home outfit I bought at a well known children's boutique here in Williamsburg....hope it's a boy!

Loathing: being snowed in...in Virginia!

Husband: I haven't seen my Husband in 8 days or so but he tells me that he misses me, especially when he had to go to the grocery store and wash our sheets. 

Wedding Rings: on

Belly Button: in

Maternity Clothes: still not needed buuuut my matron of honor Ashley did give me the best pair of full panel H&M maternity leggings and I tried them on for fun....and haven't taken them off...also still rocking my maternity tank from Target (prob outta invest in another one of those, this one is getting a workout)

Best Part of The Week: dinner with my family and two of my bridesmaids, their husbands and a little babe.....and the fact that I've had Chick Fil A every single day that I've been home, except Sunday, because, you know, Jesus and stuff.

Worst Part of the Week: my flights to Maine being canceled at the threat of snow! and also, starting the research process for strollers....good gracious there are a million out there

Missing Most: wine.

Can't Wait: to take this bump to Mexico...and to scare other travelers with my bikini wearing self...to find out for sure that this kid is a boy...to put together a nursery design board...to see our Clemson friends in Charleston

(If you recognized the importance of the landmark in the background of the very first pic in this post, then you are blog reader of the year.)

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  1. Yay you're coming to Charleston!! I wouldn't be able to wait to find out the gender either.. hope you can find out soon! And of course it snows while you're home! haha I'm sure a bikini in Mexico will beat layers on layers in Maine! :)

  2. Holy cow, could you have picked any prettier of a place for bump pics?! You look adorable. I didn't know you were from VA, I'm a VA girl, too. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip other than the cancelled flights. And I love that you ate Chick-Fil-A everyday, teaching that babe the important things in life. ; )

  3. We need a FaceTime date or something because I have a million things to say...strollers, maternity clothes, etc. also, I can't believe your husband washed the sheets. That would never ever have occurred to Ryan

    1. ha, don't be super impressed. Justin is super allergic to dust mites and sleeping on clean sheets is one of the best ways to manage it...a FaceTime date sounds perfect!

  4. Love it!! I also love that you think it's a boy :)

  5. When you come to Charleston you, Caitlyn, and myself should plan a meet up!!! Have you done all those silly gender tricks? Like put your wedding ring on a string of your hair and depending how it sways over your belly means girl or boy? We did it for my coworker knowing she was having a boy and it was correct!

  6. More snow and freezing cold temps are in store for us hearty New England folks! Today, I've become an official follower! Laughing and loving all that I read and what you write!!!


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