Survival Strategy 422: Embrace Technology

Morning, ya'll!

I'm in that weird Holiday Limbo where I've selected, paid for and ordered every single Christmas gift...but not one of them has arrived yet. Not. A. One.

So, since I should be wrapping or standing in line at the post office (thanks, Justin), but am going to have wait around for the mail man instead, I thought I'd share with ya'll another Survival Strategy that I've learned in the last few days:

Warning: this is not a glam list. 
Maine is not exactly known to bring out the chic in a girl...and this list is a perfect example. 
If you know a girl who recently moved to Maine, you could definitely use this as a Christmas Wish List...and send her my contact info/apologies.

Embrace the Technology

Windshield Washer Fluid with Anitfreeze

While this may not seem glamorous, it is a life saver.
My dad obviously purchased and installed this for me when he was in town but I'm not sure how I made it through without it. Driving here is crazy on your windshield...everything is frozen to it and salt/slush/new snow is constantly sticking to the frozen stuff as you make your way down the highway. Not fun. This stuff is guaranteed not to freeze until you hit -25 degrees and while we've been close, we haven't made it quite that low (yet).

Our New Humidifier

I picked up this little guy at Target the other day and honestly ya'll, I can already see the difference in my lips. And seeing as they looked like they belonged on a zombie, seeing some progress is really something. We sleep with this guy on all night....and while my nose is still stopped up when I wake up, I'm hoping we'll get there eventually.
Bonus: this humidifier was very cost effective ($29.99 at Target) and is super sleek. I don't mind having it in my room and it certainly doesn't look like the fish tank humidifiers of the 80's.

And best of all,

A Remote Car Starter!!

Tomorrow is the big day!
I am happily dropping off my car at Best Buy for 5 hours so that they will install a little piece of gold....a remote car starter! And why is this such a big deal??, you Southerners ask...because I can start my car from my bedroom, Target or the grocery store literally 15 minutes (or longer, honestly) before I plan to get in it...the car will be toasty warm and anything that collected on the windshield will be defrosted and can be wiped away easily with my windshield wipers...while I sit happily inside of the car!
I know it's hard to imagine why this would be such a big deal, but honestly, shit is cold around here. Peeling yourself out of bed knowing that you need to go scrape snow and ice off of your windshield is a tough mind space. Anything to make that process easier is worth every penny.

So, no one wants to visit?!
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