A Weekend With Mom and Dad

Happy Monday Ya'll!

I hope everyone had a warm, fabulous weekend. We were lucky enough to have my parents in town for the last 4 days. I just love when my parents visit....and this trip, we had a ton of firsts:

First negative temps
(-11 degrees anyone?)

First foot of snow (and then some)
and the first use of our new snowblower

First "Christmas Morning" in Maine

(my Dad loooves Christmas morning)

First trip for Mom, Dad and Mark to go Candlepin Bowling

(Mark and Liz)

My parents loved Candlepin Bowling so much, we went back during the snow storm...

And, best of all, there was a ton of this...

Yep. Same pic, different day.

My parents are up for anything, including laying around watching bad tv...I am truly their kid.

Frist time for Mom and Dad to experience total darkness at 3pm

Other highlights of the weekend included:
Dinner at Mossimo's
Phase 10
and gallons of diet coke consumed.

I miss them already!

And now time to get this house back in shape and grocery shop in preparation for the next snow storm headed our way this week...have mercy.

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  1. I can't get over the getting dark by 3pm part! I thought getting dark by 5:30 pm was early! I see why people get winter depression now. You're so lucky to have a White Christmas though!

  2. Your house is so adorable! But -11? No thank you!!

  3. Your house and Christmas tree look gorgeous!! I'm with Ally... 3 PM darkness?? Eeks!

  4. Your tree is beautiful!

    It starts getting dark here at 4:30 which I thought was pretty early, but 3:00 definitely takes the cake! It definitely confuses our time clock around here!

  5. I am so not looking forward to the cold temps - my northern blood has thinned after only 5 months in the south but I've got my layers packed!!

  6. Darkness at 3pm...bless your hearts! I'm so glad that your parents were able to spend a wonderful weekend with you in your beautifully decorated home!

  7. i don't support tanning beds, but maybe a weekly dose of bright light would be good in the winters up there. goodness. What a fun weekend, though.

  8. -11 is pretty rough, but looks like you guys made the best of it!! Your house looks absolutely perfect inside and out!!


  9. Negative temps and mid afternoon darkness....yup sounds like winter! Makes me cold just thinking about it. Stay warm! Love your tree!


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