TJ Maxx Winter Scores

Hey ya'll!

Last Friday I had an incredibly successful trip to TJ Maxx and I just had to share my finds with ya'll...

Holiday Throw

Remember when I wanted to cozy up our living room for Winter?
This TJ Maxx throw looks just like the Pottery Barn blanket that I was coveting!

Pottery Barn Martin Fair Isle Throw: $129 currently $99 online
TJ Maxx Throw: $29.99

Minnetonka Navy Moccasins

So comfy and warm...and with a hard bottomed sole to boot. I have been wearing these everywhere.

Minnetonka Mocs: $29.99

C. Wonder Puffer

When I saw these puffers hanging on the racks, I literally threw my hands up in the air and thought to myself "people don't know what is hanging right here in front of them!" Thankfully, my friend Jamie showed up and I forced her to take part in my C. Wonder joy. She chose the black puffer and I chose the olive. I love the gold detailing and the fur hood - it's just the right type of fur that doesn't look cheap and tacky. Bonus: the coat is super warm!

C. Wonder Fur Lined Puffer: $60 @ TJ Maxx

Have ya'll had any major TJ Maxx scores lately?? I have been surprised to see what our TJ Maxx in Maine keeps in constant stock: North Face, Burton snowboarding pants, Hunter boot accessories and tons of name brand dress coats. Definitely different than the stock in South Carolina!

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  1. OBSESSED!!! with ALL of the above. dying over how beautiful that jacket is!! it's the perfect color too!! ps did you know that tjmaxx now sells a limited selection online?! aaaaawesomeeee! :) xx

  2. OMG love that throw blanket!! Those slippers looks insanely warm and comfy too. I've been finding lots of Christmas decor, napkins, etc. at our local store but nothing as awesome as your finds!

  3. You hit the jackpot! I love that C. Wonder coat, it's adorable and that throw is perfect for a winter in the North! I haven't found anything quite as amazing as your finds recently but I have noticed that the stores in NC carry different stuff than the VA ones did.

  4. I can't believe you got Minnetonka's for $30! score!! Plus, that throw is adorable.

  5. Shoot I want the mocs! Awesome find. Now I want to go shopping.

  6. Those Minnetonka's look so warm and comfortable!

    And I have to say - I never thought a puffer jacket could look cute (they always make me think of the Michelin tire man) but it looks great on you in that last picture. I definitely like the green you got over the black and it's nice that it's tailored to your waist / has a belt :)

  7. holy major scores! C Wonder is all over my Christmas list!

  8. That is AWESOME you found a C.Wonder coat at TJ Maxx! What a steal! xoxo

  9. OMG, what find! I never find stuff like that in our equivalent of TJ Maxx here!

  10. I need to get my butt to our local TJ and Marshall's! I love searching the racks for amazing finds!

  11. I need to check out our TJ Maxx more often. Love all of your cozy winter finds!!

  12. I love TJ Maxx! Always so fun to see what you're going to find. We've been getting a lot of C.Wonder stuff at my store lately. Probably because we just got a store on King St. I'll be on the look out for the puffer! That throw is awesome!!

  13. The throw is way cute! It would go great in my living room seeing how I already have red going on in there as it is. Cute finds!

  14. Ugg, I miss T.J. Maxx!! We don't have one. :( Love the coat.


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