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The Weird Things We Do In Maine

Morning Ya'll!
So, it's Thanksgiving on Earth did that happen??
I have so, so much prep work to do, but I just can't resist taking a minute to tell you about one of our weekend activities:
Candlepin Bowling.

Have any of ya'll ever heard of a such a thing?
Neither had we... until we moved here.
Justin is obsessed with doing and (being amazing at) new competitive things, so he has been bugging me to go try Candlepin Bowling for weeks. I resisted until a group was assembled and I didn't want to miss out. Thank God I went, otherwise I would't have believed anything Justin reported back after his first experience.

Candlepin Bowling is so rare, that when you Google the phrase "candlepin bowling", the first thing that pops up is Wikipedia, the second is our bowling alley in Brewer Maine.

Ok, so what is candlepin bowling?
It's basically bowling with a bacci ball in a regular looking bowling alley...
but the pins are tall skinny sticks that don't topple over very easily.
Frankly, it's an absurd game, but after a few cocktails, our group was super into it.
The rules and scoring are different from regular bowling, so we brought one of the guy's co-workers who is in a candlepin bowling league to teach us/keep us honest.

See how skinny those pins are? They don't topple over like regular bowling pins so getting a strike or a spare is really hard to do (we only had one strike all night in our group).

You get to throw the ball three times in your turn and you get to go twice in a row...but if your ball goes into the gutter and then manages to bounce back and take out a few pins, they don't count...and they don't get've just lost your shot to earn those points.

Tricky, huh??

Also, if you're very lucky, you will go to candlepin bowling on a weekend and it will become cosmic candlepin bowling....

very fancy score keeping write and calculate the score on paper and
then project it onto the wall...


Justin warming up and getting competitive...

and then things got cosmic...

look at those crazy little bowling balls!

and that's me, dominating.

See what happens when you move to Maine?
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  1. Yup! I'd never heard of candlepin bowling until I went to summer camp in Maine, and then heard lots more about it when I went to college in Massachusetts.

  2. Haha, wait, candlepin isn't a nationwide thing? I grew up (and still live) in Boston and it's huge here. They used to play it on TV on Sundays, my grandma LOVED watching it. It might be more boring than watching golf though.

  3. haha that looks hard! But neat to try new things!

  4. Interesting. I know about duckpin bowling, but I've never heard of candlepin bowling!

  5. What a crazy strange game! My husband loves bowling and is actually great at it so I'm sure he'd love this game since it's much harder!

  6. The first time I ever heard of Candlepin Bowling was when I moved to Boston...I still don't understand it and I think regular bowling is much better!! Glad ya'll had fun!

  7. This looks great! I'd be so into it....even though I suck at regular bowling.

  8. Never heard of it! I get extremely competitive at regular bowling. I need to stick to the Wii, I'm much better lol

  9. This is the first time I've heard of it! Bowling is so fun!!

  10. I bowled here constantly - Brewer High alum here! We have got to meet up in December!

  11. I've never heard of this but it looks like a lot of fun! :)


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