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We Interrupt This Thanksgiving Break....

Hey ya'll!

I'm technically on Thanksgiving Break (and by that I mean standing in line at the grocery store)  until Monday, but I could't resist a little guest post action. When the sweet Ally at Life As I Know It asked me to share my current Wednesday Obsessions, I hopped at the chance to whip up a Christmas Wish List!
So, quick! Head over there and see what I'm currently lusting after.

And P.S. If you're stopping by from Fried Green Pickles or Life As I Know It and aren't super impressed with my moose/Thanksgiving Break pic, check out some of these posts for a higher entertainment value:

Lady Date
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See ya'll Monday!

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The Weird Things We Do In Maine

Morning Ya'll!
So, it's Thanksgiving on Earth did that happen??
I have so, so much prep work to do, but I just can't resist taking a minute to tell you about one of our weekend activities:
Candlepin Bowling.

Have any of ya'll ever heard of a such a thing?
Neither had we... until we moved here.
Justin is obsessed with doing and (being amazing at) new competitive things, so he has been bugging me to go try Candlepin Bowling for weeks. I resisted until a group was assembled and I didn't want to miss out. Thank God I went, otherwise I would't have believed anything Justin reported back after his first experience.

Candlepin Bowling is so rare, that when you Google the phrase "candlepin bowling", the first thing that pops up is Wikipedia, the second is our bowling alley in Brewer Maine.

Ok, so what is candlepin bowling?
It's basically bowling with a bacci ball in a regular looking bowling alley...
but the pins are tall skinny sticks that don't topple over very easily.
Frankly, it's an absurd game, but after a few cocktails, our group was super into it.
The rules and scoring are different from regular bowling, so we brought one of the guy's co-workers who is in a candlepin bowling league to teach us/keep us honest.

See how skinny those pins are? They don't topple over like regular bowling pins so getting a strike or a spare is really hard to do (we only had one strike all night in our group).

You get to throw the ball three times in your turn and you get to go twice in a row...but if your ball goes into the gutter and then manages to bounce back and take out a few pins, they don't count...and they don't get've just lost your shot to earn those points.

Tricky, huh??

Also, if you're very lucky, you will go to candlepin bowling on a weekend and it will become cosmic candlepin bowling....

very fancy score keeping write and calculate the score on paper and
then project it onto the wall...


Justin warming up and getting competitive...

and then things got cosmic...

look at those crazy little bowling balls!

and that's me, dominating.

See what happens when you move to Maine?
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5 on Friday

Happy Friday!
Linking Up with Christina and the rest of the 5 on Friday girls to cruise into the weekend...

This Class:


I'm officially back at the Barre and taking a new class called BarSculpt...
I'm sore and glad to be working out again.

This Beauty Must:

Baby Lips Dr. Rescue
The cold weather is wreaking havoc on my lips. This little gem is perfect! Chap stick like but with a pretty surge of color...I'm addicted. P.S. I chose the berry color but thought the light pink sorbet was really sweet too.

This Recipe:

Enough said.

This Project:


Justin and Mark built my beautiful Farm House dining room table a few years ago (using the plans linked above)...but never built benches for us to sit on! I've looked into adding chairs that are more modern or eclectic, just to spice things up, but Justin doesn't seem to like the blend of styles. So this weekend, they get to build benches! I'll be in charge of staining and sealing, so don't think I'm getting away scott free.

This Date Night:


Yes, we've had our tickets for more than a week.
And no, I am not the biggest Hunger Games fan in this family.

Happy Weekend ya'll!
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Fall To Do List: Check In

Hey ya'll!

With Winter temps here to stay, it's probably time for me to check in on my Fall To Do List...I thought for sure I could call it a wrap and had completed all of my goals...but it looks like I've missed a few! Guess I know what I'll be doing this weekend!

Make Chili
I make my Smokey No Bean Chili all.of.the.time. It's a timesaver for lunches and I'm addicted to the flavors. It's a problem.

Bake Something Successfully
Technically, I did make my 7Up Biscuits and a couple of loaves of pumpkin chocolate chip bread...but both recipes are just so darn easy that I have a hard time counting them as "baking". When I made this list, I was hoping to challenge myself (seeing as I typically cook without measuring, any baking is a challenge), so now I'm on the hunt for a recipe to attempt this weekend.

Weekend Trip To Portland, Maine
We only got to spend about 18 hours in Portland, but we loved it! I can't wait to plan an entire weekend more about our trip here.

Buy Everything Inside of the Portland Trader Joe's
Uh, double check.
Fave purchases: all the wine I could hold in my cart


and this too:

White Water Rafting:
One of the fave things we've done here in Maine
Check out the amazing pics here!

Decorate the House for Fall
Um. I kinda failed on this one.
We have pumpkins on our mantle and that's about it...I was thinking that I should probably step things up for Thanksgiving. Commence Pinteresting for Thanksgiving Tablescapes...

Fall Head Over Heels for the Fall TV Lineup
The Blacklist anyone?!
The Blacklist is by far the best show on TV right now. I'm not sure how long they can really drag it out, but I'm dying to know who Tom works for!
I've tried to like the Rebel Wilson show Super Fun Night but I just can't and I think New Girl is in a weird place. On the flip side, Mindy has really hit it's stride.
Alaska The Last Frontier still amazes me...especially now that Eve is preggers. Is she going to have that baby on the Homestead?! I'm on the edge of my seat!

 Search Out The Best Cold Weather Leggings
Anything fleece lined is calling my name right now. I'm having a tough time getting used to the feeling of leggings under jeans, but it really does make life a ton warmer.

Finally Finish My Closet/Office
Oh yeah! 

Host Visitors
We had a full house for a few weekends!
Justin's parents came to visit and we ensured they had the full Maine experience...including spotting Moose!

Sell Our South Carolina House

Thank Baby Jesus we sold our South Carolina house! We actually got really lucky: because technically we sold to our relocation company and the relocation company then turns around and sells the house to the owners whose bid we excepted, we completely lucked out. The relocation company bought our house 24 hours or so before our closing date only to find out that the buyers were not able to sell their current home due to a loan issue related to the government shut down. If we weren't working with out relocation company (that we complained about constantly during the move) we would have carried our old home for at least another month, if not two.
(did ya'll follow that!?)

Go on a Maine Brewery Tour
Sadly, we didn't get to check this one off of the list this Fall, but we are definitely hitting a brewery tour ASAP!

Head to Kahtahdin and Enjoy the Leaves Changing
We didn't get to Kahtahdin but we did get to Acadia and Moose Head Lake/Northern Maine and the scenery was stunning.

It's been a crazy Fall!

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Holiday Wish List

Holiday Wish List

Old Navy crewneck sweater / J Crew j crew coat / Kendra Scott 14k necklace / Apple iPad Air 16GB Wi-Fi Silver/White (MD788LL/A) / CB2 glass coffee mug / Bigelow green tea w/ Lemon Tea Bags, 20 ct, 3 pk

Today I'm linking up with Elise at Cheers Ya'll to share my Holiday Faves/Wish List!

How cute is this initial sweater from Old Navy? Perfect for layering up in the Maine winter!

I'm a huge fan of a Classic Coat...J. Crew might as we'll be Mecca for Classic Coats. I adore this bright red to chase away the grey Maine winter.

Kendra Scott is my go to gal for fabulous jewelry at considerably reasonsable prices. I've been on the hunt for a long gold tassel necklace and stumbling across this little gem made my day!

Everyone in my house is currently on a green tea kick. We each have our own mugs and preferred brand of tea bags. I'd love to add this glam clear mug to my nightly green tea ritual.

 I love my iPad and my iBooks app gets a good workout (and so do my other, trashier apps like US Weekly, but whatever). Anyways, I'd love to bulk up my iPad Library and have some new reads to get my through our incredibly long nights. Any suggestions??

Weekend Gallery Crawl

Happy Monday ya'll....or, whatever, it's Monday.
The weather here suuuucks....cold, raining and disgustingly grey, it'll be dark in approximately 4 hours. In order to ignore the disgustingness outside, I'm going to focus on sharing my fabulous Lady Date with ya'll!

On Thursday, Melissa and I hit up our fave 1/2 priced wine bottle night.
(we go so often, the servers know our preferred bottle to start with...then we sometimes get wild and try a new bottle for our second. i know, crazy right!?)
After a round of salads and bottle numbero dos, Melissa mentioned there was going to be a gallery crawl in downtown Bangor. My first thought was "there are galleries in downtown Bangor?"...but Melissa promised free wine and I actually loved gallery crawls when I lived in Charlotte, so I was completely game.

On Friday night, husbands were ditched and we began our adventure through the streets of downtown. I can't really describe in words all that we saw that night, or how the night escalated so quickly, so I'll just show you in pictures...

Tribal beads? Made in Maine?

(no need to pay $150 for these, you can find them on the side of the road)

A gravy boat made into a boat....

no explanation needed. Melissa asked to leave this room, it scared her.
(it had wine, so I was happy to stick it out)

our fave gallery space and artist

Melissa thought the next gallery space was set up in a bar....
She was wrong.
And the night went off course from here.

We found Mark!
(after two other bar stops...thankfully, not pictured)

And, once Melissa confessed that she really, really wanted to touch the bartender's mustache, Mark told us it was time to go home. And he would drive us.

Not pictured: The trip to McDonald's. The feeding frenzy in the car. The devastation when Mark told us that he hadn't changed his clock from daylight savings and we hadn't made it out to almost 2am.

Also not pictured: Mark dropping me off at my car around 11am the next morning...still in my going out outfit and slippers. Aaaaand with my giant, King sized comforter in hand, because Macie punished me for going out by getting on my bed and peeing on it. And, seeing as it's dry clean only, I had to drop it off ASAP, even if I was still in my Friday night ensemble. Mark looked at me and said, "This looks so bad! No one would know you spent the night at your own house, that you own, and that you're, like, married!"

Uh, thanks friend.

The end!

P.S. If you are a new reader, Mark is our roommate. Sadly, the Husband was away watching football last weekend and couldn't drive me to fetch my abandoned vehicle. Or take the dog out so she wouldn't spite pee on our white bed linens.
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