Survival Strategy 111: Buy What Target Sells

Hey ya'll!

So today marks my very first Survival Strategy post (remember a few weeks back when I promised to document the suggestions, tips and strategies that people toss our way/we cling to in order to survive the winter? No? Just go with it.).

So yesterday I was perusing the aisles of Target and attempting to prevent myself from throwing every.single.thing into my cart when I stumbled upon something that honestly startled me. Of course I expected Target to be stocking cute scarves, booties and hats but I never expected to stumble across thermal long john underwear in the ladies control top underwear section.

Now, let me be honest: I am a terrible skiier, so I avoid it all costs. We've only ever lived in the South. I love a mountain weekend, but I like to spend it inside the cabin, drinking. All of these elements combined have left me sans thermal underpants. Until yesterday, not owning thermal long johns seemed completely reasonable. And then Target reminded me that we live in a place so far north that our City Hall flies the Canadian flag and our road signs have kilometers.

Oh, and also that I might die this winter from hypothermia if I don't own a pair of super cute long johns.

Who am I to argue with Target??

I am proud to say that I am now the owner of a coordinating (not matching, that was too obvious) pair of long john thermal underpants AND a layering, moisture wicking thermal top. You know, just in case I decide to become an outdoor winter runner.

And, because I've been told by multiple people that when the weather is really bad (the words "cutting" and "bone chilling" have been tossed around recently) you have to layer leggings under your jeans, I invested in my 174th pair of black legging. But theses are different because they are for layering! Not pajamas, not for tunic top outfits, not for working out.
Layering leggins.
Justin, don't even comment when you read this.

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday. To be honest. things are super sexy and bloggable around here...let's see, I've done a million loads of laundry, tackled our wood floors, unpacked from two different trips, cleaned the kitchen 12 times, made a few dinners, found a new doctor, wrote some thank you notes and bought a new shower curtain (thats the real reason I went to Target in the first place). See? Sexy!

Tomorrow we head South to Clemson for what should be one hell of a game!
After checking the weather, I think tomorrow's 5 on Friday will have to be Tailgating Essentials, In the Rain. (yay!)


  1. Steph, love your blog! Love that you are preparing for winter now! My go-to items for winter are Puffer Jacket, layers, and lots of fleece liners to add to boots :)

  2. Glad you got the thermal underwear. Maria has many more than one set as she wears them you need to check with her for other winter essentials!

  3. Brr! I'm cold just reading this!! Also girlie - you're a "no-reply" blogger. :( So no one is able to email you back when you comment. Venus in Mars has a great tutorial in her Saturday Sessions on how to fix it!

  4. Eek, I think Charleston has cold winters so I would absolutely freeze my ninnies off up there! Cameron is VERY anxious about the game on to the point that he doesn't want to watch it with anyone. Have fun!!

  5. I can't imagine having to suffer through such cold weather! You're a much stronger person than I am! But on a happier note, y'all will have so much fun at the game this weekend! I may be an Ole Miss fan, but I'm pulling for Clemson on Saturday!

  6. Okay, maybe my family is a bunch of sissies, but we totally had long johns in SC! My dad works outside and he absolutely has to wear them during the winter. I even bought a pair when we went to visit New York in December 2010!

  7. I can't imagine it be so cold you have to layer and layer and then layer some more. I'm like you and have lived in the South all my life so I have no idea what freezing temperatures even feel like. I'm sure you'll like super sexy in your long johns and leggings!

  8. Ha! You're brave--I can barely tolerate the weather here outside of Cincinnati. I need to know more about these layerin' leggins!

  9. I reguarlarly wear leggings under my jeans in the winter (my version of long johns) and I have a bunch of skin tight thermal tops that go under anything! I do not like winter, but I survive it!


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