Dwell: Guest Room 2, In a Hurry

Hey ya'll!

So, last week, I posted my SOS from my second guest bedroom.
In case you missed it, that room was basically used as the "I have no idea where to put that" area during our move. I honestly hoped that it would be years before I had to dig out all of the crap in there, but instead, we needed both guest rooms for this weekend.

 Being the all star hostess that I am, I waited until maybe Wednesday of last week to even walk into that room for the first time since I shoved the upside down love seat into the last open square inch of space.

Here's what the room looked like 48 hours before we had guests arriving:

.....and here's what I managed to pull of by the skin of my teeth

Not my very best design work, but damn it took me FORever to figure out where to stash all of that random crap I had piled up in that room (if you visit, don't you dare look under any of the beds or open any of the closets.)

I have so much to tell ya'll about all of our adventures this weekend!
Stay tuned!

P.S. Congratulations to my Lady Date, Melissa, on her freshly minted Mrs. status!
I can't wait to drink a thousand bottles of half priced wine to celebrate!
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