October 2013 | Olive and Tate

I must confess...

I hate Halloween

There, I said it.
Shame me if you want, but I just can't make myself like it.

I hate scary movies (I can't even watch scary movie previews...instant channel change)

I hate how bad little kid's manners are when they come to your door for candy

I hate slutty girl costumes...slutty cop? slutty fireman? slutty pineapple? I mean, what?!
(True Story: I couldn't even find any pics of me in a costume on Facebook because I untagged them all! But I will admit to have been a slutty Little Miss Moffett and slutty Super Woman)

I don't want a faux eye ball floating in my cocktail or a scarecrow to jump out at me from some dark corner of what used to be a nice restaurant.

Halloween: I'm out.

But this? This I can get behind...
(mostly because if anyone ever kidnapped me and tossed me into a haunted house, this is what I would look like)

And, just so ya'll dont think that I'm the worst human ever, I will say that in our old neighborhood in South Carolina we sat outside in our driveway (Justin in full costume) to hand out candy to the one million kids that came to our house. Honestly, it's just too effing cold to do that in Maine so I will be kind and put a bowl of candy on the front porch. Based on what I witnessed over the last few years, that bowl will be empty after the first kid, but hey, it's better than nothing.

Happy Halloween Ya'll!

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Acadia in the Fall

Morning, ya'll!
Justin's parents were in town last weekend for their first trip to Maine. Seeing as it was their first ever visit, we thought we'd be super sweet hosts and jam as many Mainiac activities as possible into the 48 hours they were on Northern soil. Ya'll are welcome!

Our signature first stop for visitors is a trip out to Acadia National Park. Thankfully, the park is open again after Shutdown so we were able to take in some of the best Maine scenery in peak Fall season. It was truly spectacular.

Clearly, the photos below are not from my less than fab camera or iPhone...thanks Bert and Mary for letting me steal your pics from your super fancy DSLR!

Sand Beach

Mary and Bert have a super crazy papparazzi lense on their camera....you should see how far away Mary was standing when she took these...

In typical Maine fashion, the Fall weather was touch and go...mostly cloudy, cold and windy...for a moment or two we were lucky enough to catch the sun....and then the rain...and a teensy bit of snow.

I think Mother Nature has a sense of humor...or my mind is just in the gutter

This spectacular view is literally from the side of the road. We pulled the car over, hopped out and climbed down a rocky "path" to catch the landscape. Pretty gorge huh?

Next stop on the tour: Thunder Hole
(which I have never once heard "thunder"...ever.)

(no filter above...love that color!)

Jordan Pond
My most favorite place in all of Maine

I am so grateful that Justin got to spend time with his parents and that Bert and Mary got to see our new home. Bonus points to the federal government, fall weather and Maine landscape for pulling it all together for us!

I have one empty guest room and the second opening up in the next few days....which one of ya'll wants to visit next?!
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Dwell: Guest Room 2, In a Hurry

Hey ya'll!

So, last week, I posted my SOS from my second guest bedroom.
In case you missed it, that room was basically used as the "I have no idea where to put that" area during our move. I honestly hoped that it would be years before I had to dig out all of the crap in there, but instead, we needed both guest rooms for this weekend.

 Being the all star hostess that I am, I waited until maybe Wednesday of last week to even walk into that room for the first time since I shoved the upside down love seat into the last open square inch of space.

Here's what the room looked like 48 hours before we had guests arriving:

.....and here's what I managed to pull of by the skin of my teeth

Not my very best design work, but damn it took me FORever to figure out where to stash all of that random crap I had piled up in that room (if you visit, don't you dare look under any of the beds or open any of the closets.)

I have so much to tell ya'll about all of our adventures this weekend!
Stay tuned!

P.S. Congratulations to my Lady Date, Melissa, on her freshly minted Mrs. status!
I can't wait to drink a thousand bottles of half priced wine to celebrate!
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Dwell: The Black Hole

Hey ya'll!

So, it's time to show ya'll the truth.
Behold, The Black Hole
(otherwise known as our second guest room)

So, when the movers would ask me where they should put something random in our new house, like say, the one million koozies we have left over from our rehearsal dinner, or a random love seat that won't fit in the man room, I would just throw my hands up and say, "I guess that other bedroom!".

Flash to a few months later and we are hosting tons of visitors over the next week....and need our second guest room. I've been working on this stupid room for days! Multiple trips to Goodwill and the trash pile later, I have to wonder why we've been holding on to all this random crap.

Think I can get it all done by tomorrow?!
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Recipe Review: Steak with Roasted Carrots and Onions

Hey ya'll!

We're experiencing rapidly dopping temps around here (lows in the 20's and 30's?!) so I'm switching up my dinner menus to meals that are hearty and warm....and encourage red wine drinking, not that I need any encouragement but I feel better when the guys help me finish my nightly bottle.

On Monday, I pulled together this recipe from Real Simple:

image and recipe via 

I'm not sure why, but I wasn't planning to blog this dinner, just whip it up and serve it, so I didn't take any photos....but it was so good, I just had to tell ya'll about it.

The veggies were only roasted in olive oil, salt and pepper but the guys thought they were roasted in brown sugar and butter!

Roasted Carrots and Onions
1 1/2 pounds carrots, peeled, cut length wise
2 small red onions, quartered, root end left intact
Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper

Roast veggies at 425 degrees until tender, turning once

My notes on the veggies:
The recipe calls for a specific measurement of olive oil and salt and pepper...I, of course, didn't bother with that and just eye balled it
I added more olive oil, salt and pepper when I flipped the veggies half way through
I ended up letting the veggies roast a bit longer than the recipe called for. I think I may have let them go 10 more minutes, but checked them frequently.

We bought the Trader Joe's balsamic glaze a few trips back and at the last minute, Mark and I drizzled it on our roasted veggies....it.was.heaven. Buy this and keep it in your kitchen. Trust me.

My notes on the Steak and White Wine Dijon Sauce:
The sauce for the steak is basically deglazing the pan with white wine, adding in dijon mustard and letting it thicken up. My sauce never thickened and the boys were hovering, so I just let it go. The sauce I did make didn't have much taste and honestly, the steak was great without it!

This recipe takes maybe 30 minutes max to come together - and that's including the roasting time for the veggies. The cut of meat is really reasonably priced and we had enough for both guys to take left overs for lunch the next day (I made a quick batch of white rice to add some carbs to the meal and bulk it up...and because I think carbs are mandatory at every meal. Don't judge.).

Make this, ya'll!

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Featured: The Nest!

Hey ya'll!

Just dropping in to share some fun news: Justin and I (and Macie!) are featured in The Nest's Real Couples section of the Winter Issue.

Check out page 11!

Many thanks to The Nest, our wedding photographer, Laura Gordon and our engagement photographer, Courtney Dox for the glam shots that went to print!

P.S. If you are having trouble viewing Newlyweds:North on your iPhone, make sure that you are viewing the site in the online format.

Here's how to adjust N:N for your viewing pleasure:

When you open Newlyweds:North in your iPhone browser, it will most likely pop up looking like this:

This is the condensed version that is sometimes hard to read/use when you open a full post.

I recommend viewing the blog in the web version.

To make that change, just scroll down on the first page that opens when you type in the URL

You'll see the words "View Web Version" 
(I've circled them above for you, because I'm fancy!)

Click on it and you should be redirected to a page that looks like this:

Ta Da! A perfect baby version of Newlyweds:North!

See you kids tomorrow!

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The Boy Behind the Blog

Hey ya'll, happy Friday!

As ya'll are reading this, we're making the 1,200 mile journey south to watch Justin's Clemson Tigers play the game of the century/year/history of the world. If you're interested (or live somewhere other than the South), ESPN Game Day will be making their second appearance at Clemson this season (which is kind of a big deal) as the Tigers take on the also undefeated Florida State University.

Since it's such a big weekend for the Husband, I thought I'd link up with the Boys Behind the Blog girls, Mal and Stephanie.

Mal Smiles

So without further ado, here are my Husband's witty responses to the posed questions
(brace yourselves):

1. Describe yourself in 5 words
driven, child like, charismatic ("I don't know, Stephanie. Just add 2 more words"....)
not sure that Justin was in to this. oh well, moving on. 

2. What is your biggest fear?
Maine is one of the only states that doesn't have any native species of poisonous snakes.
Huge pro.

3. What is your favorite candy?
It depends on the situation, but anything gummy or sour...Haribo Gummy Bears are the best.

4. What is the best Halloween costume you've ever worn?
Either the full body Clifford the Big Red Dog with the giant head (which I wore last year to hand out candy at our house in SC - it was a big hit) or the youth sized super hero costumes that my brother and I wore....when we were in highschool.....

5. What is your favorite football team?

Hope ya'll have a fab weekend....I'll be back Monday with a weekend wrap up, Clemson football style xo
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Survival Strategy 111: Buy What Target Sells

Hey ya'll!

So today marks my very first Survival Strategy post (remember a few weeks back when I promised to document the suggestions, tips and strategies that people toss our way/we cling to in order to survive the winter? No? Just go with it.).

So yesterday I was perusing the aisles of Target and attempting to prevent myself from throwing every.single.thing into my cart when I stumbled upon something that honestly startled me. Of course I expected Target to be stocking cute scarves, booties and hats but I never expected to stumble across thermal long john underwear in the ladies control top underwear section.

Now, let me be honest: I am a terrible skiier, so I avoid it all costs. We've only ever lived in the South. I love a mountain weekend, but I like to spend it inside the cabin, drinking. All of these elements combined have left me sans thermal underpants. Until yesterday, not owning thermal long johns seemed completely reasonable. And then Target reminded me that we live in a place so far north that our City Hall flies the Canadian flag and our road signs have kilometers.

Oh, and also that I might die this winter from hypothermia if I don't own a pair of super cute long johns.

Who am I to argue with Target??

I am proud to say that I am now the owner of a coordinating (not matching, that was too obvious) pair of long john thermal underpants AND a layering, moisture wicking thermal top. You know, just in case I decide to become an outdoor winter runner.

And, because I've been told by multiple people that when the weather is really bad (the words "cutting" and "bone chilling" have been tossed around recently) you have to layer leggings under your jeans, I invested in my 174th pair of black legging. But theses are different because they are for layering! Not pajamas, not for tunic top outfits, not for working out.
Layering leggins.
Justin, don't even comment when you read this.

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday. To be honest. things are super sexy and bloggable around here...let's see, I've done a million loads of laundry, tackled our wood floors, unpacked from two different trips, cleaned the kitchen 12 times, made a few dinners, found a new doctor, wrote some thank you notes and bought a new shower curtain (thats the real reason I went to Target in the first place). See? Sexy!

Tomorrow we head South to Clemson for what should be one hell of a game!
After checking the weather, I think tomorrow's 5 on Friday will have to be Tailgating Essentials, In the Rain. (yay!)

Lazy Girl Peanut Butter Pie

Hey ya'll!

Is anyone else exhausted because they stayed up late watching The Blacklist and then were too creeped out to sleep?
Oh, just me?
Ok, moving on.

The other night we were invited to the home of one of Justin's co-workers for dinner with his family. We thought that was super thoughtful and of course asked what we could bring. Desert was requested so off I went on a hunt to find a good, easy recipe (that I could make quickly since I clearly put off to the last second).

Luckily, I had pinned this little gem forever ago
Skinny Taste No Bake Peanut Butter Pie

I made this so quickly that I didn't have time to photograph my efforts.
Image via

Ya'll, you have to make this! If you ever need a go to for a work pot luck or a book club, I think this recipe could really be the one. It's quick, easy, cheap and technically not that bad for you.

Here are my notes, because of course I changed things up...


5 oz reduced fat cream cheese, softened
1/2 cups confectioners' sugar
1/3 cup Better n Peanut Butter   I used 1/2 cup Jif Whip Peanut Butter 
8 oz fat free frozen whipped topping, thawed (or truwhip for healthier option*) I used reduced fat cool whip
reduced fat graham cracker pie crusts I used a store brand regular fatty pants crust
3 tbsp Hershey's chocolate syrup  I chose the extra chocolate double thick sundae syrup

Ok, I clearly wasn't concerned about the points value of this recipe.
It's not like I promised to bring something healthy-ish, I just thought the recipe looked good and easy!


Beat cream cheese and confectioners sugar together in medium bowl
(the original recipe doesn't specify, but I used my stand mixer)

Mix in peanut butter, beat until smooth
(even with the stand mixer kicked up a notch, this took a minute)

Fold in Whipped Topping
(I was too lazy to fold it in, I used the stand mixer and then scraped the edges with my folding device....sooo that counts as folding it in right?)

Spoon mixture into pie shell
(I ate a ton of the mixture at this point)

Refrigerate for 3 hours or until set
(uh, yeah right. I refrigerated for an hour because thats all I had left and then threw it in the freezer for the last 20 mins or so)

Right before serving, drizzle with chocolate sauce
(I clearly did this before I left the house, so probably an hour or two before it was served)

And, guess what?
It turned out perfectly!
Even the (not peanut allergied kids) loved it!

Domestic Diva: Party of 1!

Linking Up with the Taste of Tuesday Girls, Jessica and Ashley!