Babies on the Brain

Hey ya'll!

I need to whip up my Blogtember post for today, but honestly, I just can't stop thinking about babies this morning!

At the game last weekend I got to snuggle and feed a 4 week old handsome little man, rub a brand new baby bump and an almost cooked baby boy bump...

And, in even more exciting baby news:

The Bun on the right popped out of the Oven last night and she is just perfect!
Welcome to the world, Baby C!

The Bun on the left needs to be properly feted and I am in the throws of deciding on an invitation for his welcome party.... there are so many baby shower invitations out there! Should I go modern, extremely baby-ish, clean, classic....the choices are endless! I'm having such a tough time committing, which is very unlike me, but I think and invitation really sets the tone for an event...and real, hold in your hand, reply by phone invitations are my absolute fave.

I don't think any of these made the cut, but they sure are adorable!

Stay tuned for more on Baby W's Baby Shower in the coming weeks!
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  1. All these invitations are so cute! We had dinner last night with some friends in Michigan who have a baby, and I went to my cousin's baby shower this weekend so I can totally relate to the babies on the brain think right now! :)

  2. Darling invitations! Congrats to you friend :)

  3. I feel like I am surrounded by babies and pregnant people everywhere I go!

  4. Babies are popping out of the woodworks it seems these days! Proof I'm getting older!


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