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A Baby Shower Weekend!

Happy Monday ya'll!

I'm still at my parent's house in Virginia and I'm excited to share the Baby Shower that brought me home for a few days.

 (me and the parents to be....they are having a moment. Obviously, so am I.)

My Matron of Honor, Ashley, is expecting a baby boy in November and my mom and I were honored to host her friends and family in my childhood home for a Brunch on Saturday.

 I have to say that my Dad deserves the Good Sport Award - he is in the process of building a Master Suite addition to their house and made sure that the room was ready and waiting (unfurnished) just in time for the Shower. Having the open space was definitely a life saver, so thanks Daddy!

Get a move on Dad. We have a party to throw in 24 hours!
 Because the new room is brand spankin' new and was carefully hand crafted by my Dad, I had a tiny challenge when it came to the event decor: I was not allowed to put one single hole or a spec of anything sticky/adhesive on his new walls (he reminded me approximately one million times that he painted three coats of paint on those walls to get the perfect shade of yellow), here's what I came up with:

Baby on Board!

This is a mock up (minus our home address - sorry, stalkers!) of the invite that I chose - from Minted, of course!

Side Note: I love Minted! Our Save the Dates, Gift Tags, 2012 Christmas Card, 2013 Christmas Card and all of my party invites have been created and printed through Minted.
If you haven't yet, you should check out their 2013 Christmas cards - they are precious.
To make card shopping a little more fun, click here to earn $25 toward your first purchase of $50 or more!
(full disclosure: I receive a referral credit for those of you who create a new account using this link)

Anyways, back to the business at hand!
I searched a ton of sites for just the perfect invite, but this one was definitely the one. The Parents-To-Be are both graduates of the University of Virginia and this invite happens to be in their school colors.

After I finally decided on the invite, I just ran with the nautical anchor and color scheme as the theme for the shower.

We used my Mom and Mimi's silver and filled the empty shelves with bright pillows, baby books (for the Mom to be to take home) and silver pieces from around the house.

Flowers were simple white and blue hydrangeas arranged in every.single.item from my Mom's china cabinet....from silver pitcher to sterling beer steins.

We pulled out my Mom's wedding china and my Mimi's linen napkins that just happened to have the perfect light blue trim.

 Ok, remember how I couldn't put holes in the wall?
I had to get a tad creative seeing as we had lots of empty wall I whipped up a few canvases so things didn't look so blank.

 (Below: present opening chair with my fave canvas in the background)

(these little gold fish were actually a mistake...gotta love creative liscencing!)

A little color on the desert/mimosa bar....

And, I had to get super creative in order to decorate the mantle.
Flower arrangements to hold up the fire place swag?
Why not?

 I'm kinda over bunting banners, so I made a simple banner of ribbon ties...

I also decorated the ceiling fan with ribbons that matched the fire place garland...hence the weird ribbons in this room shot! 

Once the guests arrived, we stuffed gifts into the shelves and filled the bench seats

We served a buffet of Brunch Bests including parfaits, home made sticky buns (which I promise to post the recipe for, because they were Heavenly), sausage and egg casserole, french toast casserole and of course, lots and lots of mimosas. 

 We of course showered Ashley with tons of gifts

 Played a game of Baby Bingo to keep ourselves occupied...
(I'll upload the cards I made for ya'll later this week - a Bingo style game with baby items listed on the card keeps guests paying rapt attention to the guest of honor as she busts out those onsies and booties!)

Baby Bingo Winners! 
(A brand new mommy on the left, and a twin girl
mommy to be on the right! No wonder they won the shower game!)

I also got to meet baby Sloan for the very first time.
At three weeks old, she is Heaven On Earth...
and technically, she was my youngest bridesmaid :-)

(Teeeerible pic of me, but of course Baby Sloan looks perfect and so does her Mommy....)
Sloan was the hit of the party...obviously, look at her!
She's gorg in her perfect pink party dress!

Celebrating Baby Boy

Oh, and P.S. I found Baby Boy the most perfect Mainiac gift....
I had it shipped to Virginia and forced my Dad to put it together for me (see, he really does win the Best Sport Award!)

A Rocking Moose!
Come on, that thing is freaking adorable!

Ok loves, I'm off to see my childhood orthodontist (because I broke my permanent and pay for a bazillion more copies of my marriage liscence (because I lost the other ones in our move...oops).

Have a fab day ya'll!



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Apple Recipe Round Up

Morning ya'll!

So, I'm sure many of you were wondering what on Earth we were going to do with all of the apples we brought home from the Farm....and honestly, so was I. We tend to get over excited in our family and jump into something 100% -which is great and all - until you come home with a zillion apples for a family of 3.

I originally thought I would make the following recipes:

Cinnamon Sugar Apple Crescents
The Pioneer Woman's Roast Pork with Apples 
Easy Crock Pot Apple Butter

And I am pleased to report that I did make the Crescents and the Roast Pork but we ate enough of the apples on our own that I didn't need to make the Apple Butter! For fun, I'm going to report on the recipes that I did make and toss in last night's quick and easy cold weather dinner.

Cinnamon Sugar Apple Crescents

Ok, these were super easy...they literally take seconds to make and minutes to bake...but sadly, they are gross. The apple gets very mushy in the oven and that texture with the crescent just seems wrong. Think applesauce inside of a crescent roll....also, the recipe doesn't tell you to peel the apple, but you definitely should. If you don't you end up with applesauce inside of a crescent with a whole apple peel inside.

If that appeals to you - here's the process!

My family voted no, but if you have picky eaters at home maybe this will work for ya'll!

Pioneer Woman's Roast Pork With Apples

This recipe was also super easy, but I'm pleased to say that this one was successful! The guys voted to keep it on the regular Fall/Winter meal rotation.

I didn't really photograph it because
1. there isn't much of a cooking process and
2. she already made it look better than I could.

Here are my notes on her recipe:

Next time, I'll use less onion. I think the recipe calls for 3 medium onions - You could easily do 2. The recipe also suggests you caramelize the onions first - definitely do this.

I would add more apples next time...and make sure you cut them into large wedges, not slices. The slices get mushy, the wedges hold their shape.

The cooking process couldn't be easier - you dump all of the ingredients into a pot and let it simmer for hours...the house will smell amazing while you're cooking! We maaaaay have even left the house for a bit to play a quick 9 holes of golf (he played, I drank a bottle of wine) and the roast turned out just perfectly!

Here's what it looks like while it's cooking away:

I bought exactly the meat that she said to use - but mine had a bone in it and apparently hers did not. She was able to slice her finished product, I hacked at mine with a knife and ended up with chunks - tasted the same, looked interesting.

(pre "slicing")

I will happily admit that my sauce never got as dark and thick as hers matter how long it simmered....I could even really do without the extra sauce because it was so sweet.

Doesn't look pretty but tastes really, really good.

I served my pork chunks over white rice - this dish is very sweet thanks to the apples and apple juice - if you're a salt lover then plan your sides accordingly, you'll need something to balance the sweetness!

Crispy Proscuitto and Apple Paninis with Tomato Soup

Last night we were down to our last few apples....and it was freezing here. I needed something warm and hearty for dinner....and we ended up with this:

I pulled out the panini maker we got as a wedding gift and let it got hot
On a good roll from the bakery (you could use regular bread, but I love carbs so I went fancy) I  layered proscuitto, sliced apples (ours are tart, not sweet), mild onion, provolone and sharp white cheddar.
While the sandwich was crisping up and getting melty on the panini press, Justin heated up Trader Joe's Roasted Tomato Soup (the one that comes in the orange carton with the white screw cap on top).
Once everything was hot and yummy, I topped my soup with croutons, a few more pieces of sharp white cheddar and fresh cracked pepper.
Super hearty and warm!

If ya'll make any of these recipes let me know how it all turns out!
I've heard from a few of you that made the Pumpkin Muffin recipes- and suggested fabulous variations! Next time I'm making those with spice cake mix!

Have a great day!
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Beauty Bests!

Good Morning,Ya'll!

So sorry for the lack of a post yesterday! Even my Husband was all judgy about my lack of a witty Monday morning weekend recap. What can I say? I'm just not as young as I used to be and a Bachelorette Weekend knocks me on my ass longer than I'd like to admit!

Newport was fabulous, our hostess went above and beyond, the Bride was thoroughly showered with filly panties and many bottles of champagne were consumed. Honorable Mention Awards go to: Handsome Andrew, Eloise and Hadley and Cheeto the Dog for sending over a bottle of wine at the Vineyard. Our hostess, Maria, also happens to be a professional photographer and has promised me a disc of images from the weekend - I'll do a little photo re-cap so ya'll can see how gorg Newport and Tiverton, RI really are when you photograph them with something other than an old iPhone.

Ok, let's get down to business.

Today's Blogtember asks me to review a product, place or thing...which is perfect because I've been meaning to tell ya'll about a few of the new beauty products I've been loving lately, so today, we're talking beauty tidbits!

L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Balm in Heavenly Berry

Ya'll, this lipstick is so soft and yummy.
The Heavenly Berry is basically a neutral on me so I use it for every day. Because of the Balm feel and texture, the lipstick is super moisturizing and  leaves my lips really, really soft - and the smell is very beachy to me - maybe a tiny hint of coconut? It's neither matte nor shiny - just the right amount of color and softness. If you aren't so into the lipstick trend because you're concerned that you'll look like my mom in the '90's then I highly recommend starting with this one. It's not scary, promise. Considering I grabbed this at Target on a whim, I'm super pleased.

Suave Dry Shampoo

I've tried many, many dry shampoos. Trust me on this. I have olive skin which means that I have very shiny but typically oily hair. If I'm rocking any sort of a bang you can be sure I've managed to squeeze a giant can of Suave Dry Shampoo in my clutch. Honestly, I get that the Suave brand might not have the salon vibe, but I've tried the Frederic Fakkai, Bumble and Bumble, Tresseme, Bed Head and Big Sexy Hair versions of dry shampoo and not one of them comes close to the Suave in my mind. And considering some of those brands will run you $20 for a can, the Suave price tag of something like $3 makes it even more of a fave. The smell of the Suave is really fresh and the spray only takes seconds to dry. Yes, the spray is white, which can be tough for a dark brunette like me, but you just spend an extra second rubbing it in and you're good to go.
Side Note: my new friend Ashton is in the Beauty Biz and she swears to me that the newest Bumble will quickly become my new fave. I promised her that I would give it a try and would be honest on the blog if it trumped my trusty Suave. If you've tried it (it just hit salons in the past few weeks) then let me know!

Essie (Target version) Sole Mate

I love this color for Fall. It's the perfect saturated burgundy that fulfills the super dark nail trend without being in the black or blue family. When I was working in an office environment in the South (which can tend to be a bit more conservative) I avoided wild nail colors - super saturated blues and anything that looked black didn't seem quite right - but a dark red would certainly do the trick! I mentioned that I bought this color at Target because the bottle has "Essie" in white, not clear, so I'm not sure that you can find the exact copy in a Salon.
(Upon further googling, it looks like there should be a salon version as well, so go for it!)

This is a big week - by the time I hit the skies to head South on Thursday, I should have a new name (legally), our Christmas cards should be here (there was a major sale on and I couldn't resist) and I'll be an official Maine resident (weird).

Making big moves all over the place!

I missed ya'll yesterday - promise not to skip again for a while!
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On the Road!

Happy Friday, ya'll!

I am so excited for this weekend - I'm headed to Rhode Island to celebrate a very special Bachelorette! I've hit all of the necessary stores to prep: Target, Spencers, Victoria's Secret and, of course, the local sex shop in Bangor, Maine. I am the designated Booze Bringer and will have the pleasure of ransacking the New Hampshire Liquor Outlet (which sounds like Heaven On Earth) on my way into town. On the agenda for the weekend is a vineyard tour, sail boat booze cruise, margs and tearing up the town.....and of course, embarrassing our conservative Bride with lots of penis talk!


Plus, I get to explore Rhode Island and check it off of my North East Travel List....where should we head next??

Hope ya'll have a fab weekend!

P.S. Thanks to M for yet another fabulous Lady Date last night...Update: Half off wine bottles hurts my heas the next day...4 for 4 on shutting down the Restauraunt!


Treworgy Farms, Levant Maine

Treworgy Family Orchard is Fall Heaven.

I loved every single second of it - the weather was perfect, the apple cider donuts we super sugary, Justin found the perfect pumpkin and we have one million apples to consume in the next week.

I know for sure that Treworgy will be on the Fall Family Tradition List as long as we call Maine home.

And, I know I say this a lot, but the Maine sky is something to behold.

 Justin can juggle apples....

And so can I!
Um, nope. Justin wants this pic for his desk.
He often mocks my hand/eye coordination and this photo takes the cake.

Tall girl and a little tree.
All I could think was "fee, fi, fo, fum...."

This is what I thought we were in search of...

And because I brought my Husband, this is what we went home with

My idea...

Perfect pumpkin love....

(Above and Below....get it!?)

Justin's idea....

Attack of the corn maze.
Is it me or does nothing good happen in a corn maze (per every horror movie ever)?

Apple cider donuts...perfect end to a perfect day.

But now what to do with all of these....

Coming Soon: this, that and these....