Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday ya'll! 

We spent all day Saturday enjoying the best of the best Maine Summer weather at the KAH BANG V Festival in downtown Bangor. We ate tons of bad for us food, drank just enough for the perfect day time buzz, made new friends and pretended to be Hipsters (no one believed it, but we thought we were cool).

And, finally, for your viewing pleasure, I have ditched the iPhone camera and started carrying around my Real Deal Hollyfield Camera. For some reason, Justin is not amused by the real camera picture taking, so enjoy, these pups were hard earned!  

Ya'll the sky in Maine is the most amazing shade of blue...none of these pics are edited for color...can you believe that??

First Stop: BrewFest! 
Maine has a bazillion microbreweries aaaand we attempted to sample every.single.one.

Growler Koozie!?

 My Favorite from the day

hmmm....note how large those "sample" glasses are...
So, time for a snack - a wood fired pizza oven in a food truck might be the best idea/smell of all time

See the river in the background? We desperately soak up this weather knowing in just a few weeks we'll be shut ins. 

We actually caught some really great acts - the best sound & style awards go to the band Lucious

 Loving those statement necklaces and Audrey shades! 

We had such a fun day and I am so grateful for all of the fun opportunities that Bangor tosses our way during the Summer. And also, please be proud of me for my time as a Hipster. I rocked it. 


  1. Hi there! I just came across your blog, and fell in love the minute I saw you live in Maine. I'm so jealous!! I've been to Maine twice, both times on week long vacations, and I would move there from our home in Virginia without a second thought! I agree about the sky - it's always the perfect shade of blue :) xoxo, eliza

  2. I went to college with the founder of Baxter Brewing Company! He actually got the student handbook re-written because he was brewing beer in the dorm and they confiscated everything, but turned out they didn't have anything about brewing beer in the handbook...they did by the next year! Looks like a fun festival!

  3. Looks like you're enjoying Maine! If I lived there I'm pretty sure I would turn into a lobster, yum-o!

    Super cute blog, lovin' the read so far :)

    Instagram: megawat

  4. I clicked on your little window of the world on Jenni's blog, just so that's out of the way.

    I gotta say I'm super proud of your for bringing your real deal camera. It's almost a vintage item now a days. I mean seriously I don't now where mine is half the time. That's a lie. It's always in the house. So I kinda know. But that homemade ice cream truck is like a miracle, no?


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