Kick Off Week: Clemson Game Day Dresses

Clemson Game Day
Hey Ya'll! 

You've already seen my Game Day Ensemble for this coming weekend, but I thought I might throw some other options out there in case you're scrambling for the perfect orange dress! 

Believe it or not, I have yet to repeat a Game Day dress in 3 Seasons of Clemson Home Games (this will be my 4th Season with the how time flies when you drink a lot). 
I have fun hunting for the perfect shade of orange and always try to find a dress that might be outside of the typical Football look.

(A white dress for Labor day at our first ever game together....4 years ago this weekend. Weird.)

If you're on the hunt for the perfect Game Day Dress, remember to keep things cool, comfortable and not restricting. I obviously try to avoid anything that will show sweat, force me into Spanx or is too short to jump up and down in. 
A girl has to be able to show her team spirit, right?!

(Jeans & Boots....and a tank. This game was literally in the end of October...and I majorly regretted my jeans)

There are a ton of online retailers that are currently featuring Game Day Dresses for ACC/SEC Teams 

Any other suggestions for the perfect one stop shop for Game Day Dresses?

Believe it or not, Clemson has another color...purple! 

P.S. uuuuum guys...I'm kinda re-thinking my Game Day Look! I was looking through all of our photos to find good shots for this post and I found this dress...

....that I wore the day we got Engaged (above, in a helicopter, over NYC, hence the sweet fanny pack life jacket and head set)

And to our friend's Rehearsal Dinner...

But I don't think I've worn it to a game...and it has white so perfect for LDW....

Help me pick!

This or That??

Thanks to everyone who joined the Link Up Party yesterday! 
Don't worry if you missed the fun - the party is still open!



  1. The Mint Julep Boutique has some cute game day dresses!

  2. Wow you've never repeated a dress?!? I'm impressed!! I love both looks but that strapless is adorable!

  3. Oh tough call! Will it annoy you to be in a strapless dress for the entire day since the game is at night? If not, I say go with that one and save the orange/pink for the next game you go to!

  4. What Betsy said. Both are awesome but I say go with the orange and white for LDW and then wear the hot pink/orange number to the next game. This way you have on something white for LDW and you get a new cute dress for the next game. Love your sense of style...

  5. I'm loving the strapless one but both are super gorgeous. I'm so excited for you ha!

  6. I have to say that I am very glad I never jumped on the dresses for Game Day bandwagon - this totally stresses me out just thinking about it! Not that Bama girls aren't big on dresses, it just never appealed to me.

  7. New follower...with a lot in common - a Clemson obsessed husband! :) To answer your question on gameday boutiques - my friend actually has one called Queen of the Tailgate and she is also a huge Clemson fan so there is a great selection of orange and purple! :)


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