Dwell: The Living Room!

Sorry for the late post ya"ll! For some reason our (very expensive, very slow) internet is out at our house so I schlepped it up to Starbucks (my old stomping grounds) just to throw a little post together....listen, I know that sometimes a new blog post from your favorite blogger (wink!) is all that keeps you hanging on between 8am coffee and the noon lunch break. Just doing my public duty, ya'll, no need for applause! 

So, the house is dunzo. For now. We still have one rogue guest room that is currently serving as storage, but until our finished attic is transformed from Mark's Bach Pad to Stephie's Storage Space, that room will remain rogue. I've accepted it, only because Mark is my favorite. Anyone else may have been evicted due to my OCD tendencies. 

The Living Room got a pretty serious makeover. The walls were painted Ben Moore's Palladian Blue, which in our house, looks much more sky blue than I imagined, but I'm ok with it. We also tackled all of that DE-pressing dark trim and the dirty fireplace brick...and, per uze (this is how I'm spelling the abbreviation to usual...go with it) we tried to maintain the historical integrity of the (worth saving) original details. The Rug is the only new purchase for the room and I will say that it sadly has been a classic example of you get what you pay for. We grabbed it off of Overstock for a deal and seeing as we had zero rugs and a house of wall to wall hardwoods, we needed a deal...but it sheds like a husky.
Seriously, not good. But for now, I am choosing to LOVE it! (Mostly so I don't throw Justin into cardiac arrest by telling him we need a new rug.) 

Oh! and just this week our new sconces arrived in the mail from my BFFs at Pottery Barn. They were on sale and we happened to have a wedding gift card or two to burn so they were free to us! The sconces are the only permanent lighting in the room, the rest of the ambiance comes from floor lamps and side table lamps (cue depressing winter). 

Hope ya'll like it! (If not, compliment me anyway because I live with boys who say supportive things like, "well, it's definitely better than before!)

Here she is before, during the Homeowner's Inspection, full of the old owners stuff (Sadtown, USA)
Note the sconces, this is the only before pic I snapped of them (I liked to pretend that they didn't exist)

And here she is now

I painted that "Masterpiece" so don't mock it.

I swear I did not call the dog into the room or anything! She literally can.not.stand. to miss being the center of attention....cue Husband saying, "I wonder where she gets that from!?" Idiot.

JK, I found a pic of the fireplace/sconces before I swapped them out

UPDATE: Real pics of the new sconces! 

We decided on Edison Bulbs to keep thins spicy

A little decor to style the place up (and hide those ugly wires)

Almost done with the New House Decor Posts....happy to hear it?!

Have a fab day ya'll!