Dwell: Front Porch Love

Ok, ok THIS is the last post of the New House Design! Promise, ya'll, promise! 
Our Maine Front Porch is really precious and I love spending time out there...and of course, we had to tacky pretty the place up with a few Southern touches (don't you just bet our neighbors adore us!?)



Um, does a Clemson Tiger live at that house? 
It's not quite clear....


  1. You know I totally approve of the Clemson stuff! haha. What an adorable little house.

  2. Love the front porch! It's such an adorable house!

  3. Don't get rid of the house posts! I think that they are some of my favorite that you write! But then again I am a Home decorating nerd!

  4. I love your house posts!!

    Your porch is the definition of charming and I would sit out there for hours. It looks so welcoming. :)


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