5 on Friday!

Happy Weekend Ya'll! We are currently flying high over the Eastern Seaboard, headed South to celebrate what I know will be a fab Wedding Weekend for our friends Jay and Ashley. To be honest, I crafted this little gem of a blog post at 5am sitting in the Bangor airport....sooooo if anything is spelled totally wrong or a comma is in the wrong place blame it on the fact that I'm still asleep and apparently not able to plan ahead.
(Please note that I confidently said that as if I don't always spell things wrong and use grammar to my liking for emphasis...just go with it.)

Anyways! Time for another Link Up with Christina & Friends for the 5 on Friday Linky Party.

1. Black Tie Preferred

After trying on both Look 1 (above)

 and Look 2

(and obv chatting with two of my girlfriends who will also be attending this weekends nuptials)
 I've determined that Look 1 is the winner for this weekend's wedding festivities. The Shoshanna Maybre Maxi is honestly fun/easy to wear (no spanxs!), the colors are perfect for late summer and the open back is an eye catcher. Aaaand it doesn't put any emphasis on my tummy or larger than normal thigh area. I'm rocking a nude wedge with a surprise pop of metallic and am considering wearing my hair up to show off the back (I'll prob force my old roommate Caroline to do it for me since I'm lazy/nice like that). I'll post pics of the final look on Instagram for sure. Follow me @snfreeman to see my Rehearsal Dinner dress too! It's a super cute, pleated, berry pink number that I picked up for a steal this week. 

2. The White Queen

Ya'll, I super loved this book. On the cover, it's advertised as something like "sexy and powerful" (total paraphrase, but it does say "sexy") which for sure hooked me in the airport book store. I will say that I think people should be careful to call a book "sexy" in the Post 50 Shades World…you say sexy, I want Sexy. This book doesn't actually have any sex in it (although our Leading Lady pops out a ton of kiddos) but it is an amazing story of manipulation, plotting and power. It's especially enticing that the story takes its roots in history and historical speculation…I mean, if this shiz is even remotely true then these jokers were some power hungry mo fos. In all seriousness, The White Queen is worth the read and certainly makes one think what life for a woman - whether one born into a lineage of power and influence - or one who manifests such a life for herself - might have been like in the era of family dynasties. I would consider this an easy read, with one exception: apparently, there were only 5 total names to choose from when naming your baby so it seems that every character has the same freaking name. That can make it tough to follow the story line if you aren't paying close attention.    

3. My New Headphones

So, have I mentioned to y'all that I'm a runner now? I started running this week to earn back some of my WW points that were lost to the powers of bread and wine and I'm super pleased to report that I have gone on a run the last 3 days in a row. I even packed my running shoes for our trip this weekend! (that has never happened. ever. who wants to waste the packing space on gross tennis shoes?!). Now that I'm a professional, I thought it was time to get myself some new running swag.
Behold, my new (and super discreet) headphones:

I like to run to Pandoras Hip Hop and Latin Dance Work Out Station but my ears must be oddly shaped because Apple earbuds don't fit in these pups. There is nothing more irritating that one earbud slipping out mid run only to drag the other one down with it. And lets be honest, it doesn't take much to convince me that today just isn't the day to exercise, and annoying earbuds could certainly cancel the show. So now I run up and down the giant (small to midsize) hills in our neighborhood jamming out to my Latina dance mix with my giant purple headphones. 
Yay me!

4. In Style Pre- Fall Issue 

I love fall. 
When I was little, I loved getting new school supplies. There was nothing better than a fresh planner to color code and new notebooks to label. Now I love fall because (its football season!) of the clothes. This year is even more exciting because I will actually get to experience a real fall in Maine. Like, soon. The In Style Pre-Fall and Fall Issues have always been my go to for what to expect this season and while living in the South, it was basically me a vehicle to vicariously live through the thought of needing a fall wardrobe. This year I really do need those cute capes, coats, boots and layering essentials.
Speaking of new boots, I scored a major deal during the Nordstrom Anny Sale…check out the new loves of my life….

Tory Burch knows what's up.

5. New iPad Portable Key Pad

I mentioned in my Birthday Wish List that I really wanted a new iPad cover that housed a keyboard, but to be honest, I can't seem to find one that isn't heinous. Seriously, there are so many cute iPad covers out there (Kate Spade, you doll) but anything that seems remotely useful was clearly built for the business traveler. Justin found me this cute, tiny wireless keyboard for my iPad that should help me pound out these posts a bit faster and isn't the Ugliest Thing On Earth. As a bonus, the keyboard was loads cheaper than any of the case/keyboard combos that we found.
Thanks Husband! 

6. Honorable Mention: Essie Penny Talk

I picked this little gem up at ultra the other day because I thought it would be a nice metallic touch for both of my wedding outfits this weekend. I am so in love with the color -and honestly, I think ill love it even more for Fall. The shade is definitely coppery with a touch of pink (or maybe purple). Its not so eye-catching that its distracting but def has more punch than a neutral. I think it will really pop against the berry of my reh dinner dress and won't compete with the rainbow of sherbet colors I'll be rocking for the ceremony.

I hope y'all have a fab weekend! Oh, and def be sure to check back monday! It's my birthday and I have a super glam surprise for y'all that you won't want to miss!