Style Files: Summer Wedding Ensembles

Mornin' Ya'll! Next weekend we're headed down South to celebrate the marriage of dear friends of ours. My Husband is a Groomsman and we're excited to get to see mostly all of his wedding party and our Tailgate Crew for the first time since our Wedding in May. 

But what's a girl to wear?

I love, love, love to dress up (our Wedding was Black Tie) and I really feel like there are too few chances to get Fancy, so I clearly jump on them when I can.

The requested attire is Black Tie Preferred, the Husband will be in a tux (my fave look of his) and we will be in Atlanta in August.

Uh, Hot would be an understatement.

Summer is the perfect time to pull out a long dress in a statement print, an open back or a neon high - low many fun style choices! So, obv I'm just having the hardest time making a decision.

I love to use Rent the Runway for big events. I actually hate repeating a dress (that sounds terrible, but it's true) and thanks to Instagram, Facebook and every other Social Media App, repeating outfits is super obvious. Have ya'll used RTR? I have been very pleased with the ease and quality...Justin doesn't quite get it...he thinks every dress should be $20 to rent (and one could spend hundred to rent...that's not my method, but it's def possible) but this shiz works for me! Plus once you factor in the cost of dry cleaning, alterations if you need them and shipping if you buy online, the rental savings really add up. Aaaaand, I'm a Snobby B who likes pretty things, designer tags and has a Husband who makes her follow a Family Budget (Buzzkill).
So, yeah, renting is legit!

Want to try RTR?
This is not a sponsored post, I really do love and use RTR, but I will get a referral credit if you sign up. 

What do ya'll think??
I chose dresses from RTR and accessories that I have in my closet 

Option 1: Candy Colored Shoshanna High Low Hem

Summer Wedding Guest 1

Option 2: Iridescent Yumi Kim with Vintage Clutch

Wedding Guest 2

Option 3: Tribal Tibi Open Back

wedding guest 3

I'm leaning toward Option 1...but we'll have to see how that bad boy fits! 




  1. I love all of them, but I vote for option 2!! Your wedding shoes + your mom's clutch.. too cute!

  2. I absolutely love open back dresses, but have not figured out a way to hold up the ladies in the process! I'm nursing, too, so that's kind of impossible right now. But I think you should go for it!!! :) I love #3.

  3. I vote for # 2 - and not cuz of the purse - which has my maiden name initials and we have been married 34 years. More than vintage -- perhaps antique!

  4. “...renting is legit!” - I agree. Renting your wedding dress is a trend nowadays, since it's making the search and buying much easier for brides with a strict budget. Also, it gives less stress to them if the store can assure the dress is well-preserved and perfectly dry cleaned; ready for the day the bride and groom say 'I do'. _Marion Russell @


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