Panic at the Disco

Welcome Home

We're back! We made it home to South Carolina with just enough time to grab the dog, destroy the house with boxes and half empty suitcases, and pack Justin back up again so he could hop a plane to Maine. Oh, and sneak in a fabulous Farewell To Greenville Date Night at Justin's fave steak house.

 At 4am yesterday morning I dropped him off at the airport and now I am....lost. Thank God for Sunday afternoon Bravo marathons! The Princesses: Long Island never fail to entertain! 

There is so much to do in our house before the movers come but I can't stand being here without him. So, after I get this house whipped back into shape, I'm headed out on a tour of the East Coast! Before the movers come on June 30th, I should hit Virginia, Maine, Georgia and North Carolina. Macie the dog and I have lots of people and places to see one last time before we officially become Northerners! 

With just a few weeks left until the move I thought I'd get my To Do list out of my brain and on to the blog! 
(I'm stealing this idea from my friend Jane's blog, check her out!)

Lunch/Drinks/Coffee with Greenville girls before I leave town

Get a really fun new haircut and maybe some color since I'm no longer a bride!

Watch everything crucial on our DVR before it gets deleted in the move

Figure out a way to lose the Honeymoon weight 

Figure out a game plan for our furniture in our new house 

Pick paint colors for the new house

Order thank you notes and, uh, write them all

Figure out what to get my husband for his birthday, especially since I won't get to see him that weekend

Work on the link pages of the blog...with the old house, new house, wedding and honeymoon there are endless stories to tell! 

And finally, but most importantly, consult the smartest woman I know, my mom, about my potential career change once we land permanently in Maine 

In three weeks I'll have to fess up and admit just how much of the pre-move list I actually attempted to accomplish!

For now, I have to check in on my Husband who is living in a hotel and gearing up for his first big day of work tomorrow. 

Check back tomorrow for a post that I originally wrote on our Honeymoon and have since re-written a few times over. It's deeply personal to me but I think it may resonate with a few of you.