The Big News

the night we got engaged
As a newly engaged (late) twenty-something, I expected my wedding planning would go as follows:
Spend too much time on Pinterest
Hire a Planner
Stress out that no one will attend the wedding or any wedding related activities
Pick the perfect dress
Have too many cocktails on my bachelorette weekend
Get married
Have an amazing party
Go on our Honeymoon
Return to Life as we know it
I had no idea that I was exactly right, except for one minor detail. Somewhere between too many vodka waters in South Beach and Get Married, we were thrown quite the Life Curve Ball.
Just 2 short weeks ago, at 7:30am on the Monday morning that was to begin my busiest work week of the year, my phone rang. Seeing as I was still dead asleep, it took me a minute to grasp that it was actually ringing and not my alarm. I managed to push my face towards the phone only to hear my fiancé, Justin, say something like "hey babe, I know you're still asleep, but you're going to need to pay attention to this...."
 Long story short, Justin's company wanted him to consider a new role in a new place. A place very, very far away from our current home in South Carolina.
That's right, Maine. Having lived in the South my entire life, all I could think when he uttered that word was "snow". I think the first thing I managed to say out loud was something profound like "oooooook" and then something equally appropriate like "I don't own a coat!" (which is true by the way).  
After that phone call, things have gone into a complete and total tailspin. And quickly. Justin has spent a few days in Maine and I have spent approximately 30 hours on New England soil.
We don't have too many answers just yet - except we are getting married in exactly 24 days, go on a two week honeymoon, return home to South Carolina on a Friday, and Justin begins work in Maine on that Monday.
Hold on for the ride!