New House Love

Our New House is in Downtown Bangor and was built in 1920. It has quite a few original details and lots and lots of New England Charm.

And get this ya'll - the current owners are a young couple from New Orleans - so there are tiger eyes everywhere in this house! Justin definitely thought this was a sign! I feel good that a cute Southern couple made their home here and didn't freeze to death or die of starvation in the winter. That gives me hope.

I love the deep front porch. I can't wait to get a rocking chair or two and some bright pillows to add some color. You can't tell in these shots but the front door is a fun coral color!

The kitchen and bathrooms have been updated (which is great!), the floors are original and all of the dark wood that you're about to see is original as well. We have some plans to update paint in the main living spaces, some of the lighting fixtures and some of the dark wood.

Open cabs for the inspection

Love those floors and the cute built in!

The dining room has gorgeous built ins - including this one that is original to the house

I can't wait to fill this with all of our gorgeous wedding gifts!

 Things are about to get a little dark...I can't wait to get the painters in there to brighten things up!

Downstairs we have a super creepy basement (with the laundry room in the creepiest part), upstairs we have 4 bedrooms and a bathroom. And as a bonus we have a completed finished attic that we'll use as a tv room.

Stay tuned for lots of updates posts on the changes that we make to our new home! 




  1. You certainly scored- love all that brushed nickel. Now negotiate for that gorgeous dining room table!

  2. i just came across your blog via jenni's, and your house looks like it will be beyond beautiful. i'm holding off on purchasing until next year, but growing more and more impatient as i see homes like yours. (those don't exist in austin... or in LA, where i just moved from) congrats! xx

    brittany @

  3. Congratulations for a great find! Actually, there's not much to do for the house looks gorgeous already. Anyway, we don't do updates just for improvements, but to feel like the place was specially built only for our family and to feel home. I hope that you are doing great in your new house!

    Kristopher Washington @Paramount Title Corp.

  4. That is such a lovely home! Who wouldn’t love this house, with its gorgeous interior and exterior designs? It seems like this is what you’ve been looking for. I’m glad that no one beat you to close the deal on it yet. This is absolutely worth an investment. Avril Copperfield @ Churchill Mortgage


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