I love to travel - close to home or as far away as possible - as long as we're headed somewhere that we've never been before, I'm a happy girl. A touch of my Wanderlust has rubbed off on Justin and he has definitely gotten the travel bug. Travel has played a huge role in our relationship and we hope to work hard during our marriage to make adventuring a priority. Our Dream Travel Destination list includes anywhere from Africa to Colorado and pretty much everything in between. I look forward to taking you along for all of our adventures!

Flying With An Infant Series

Packing Your Carry On
Check In To Touch Down: Step by Step
Tips and Tricks

Around The World
Our Favorite Travel Tips: Flights and Airlines
Winter Escape 2014: Cabo San Lucas
BabyMoon Day1: Athens, Greece
BabyMoon: Oia Sunset
BabyMoon: Oia and Pezoules


Honeymoon Week in Photos


Acadia National Park 
Bar Harbor: Guest Post
Deer Lake
Portland, Maine
Old Canada Road -Jackman, Maine
Acadia In The Fall
Treworgy Farms, Levant, Maine
White Water Rafting, The Penobscot River

The South

5 Spontaneous Hours Grounded in DC
Back Bay, Virginia
Carter's Creek, Virginia 
Tailgating in Clemson


  1. Steph, I just loved these most recent posts! :) You are adorable...and made me hysterically laugh in the office on a Monday. Keep em comin'

    1. Thank you, thank you , thank you Tia! I know you can just imagine J & M Moose Hunting :-)