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I'm Stephanie, a Starbucks fueled wife, baby boy mama and renovation novice. Nothing makes me happier than a glass of (probably cheap) red wine under reasonably clean white sheets at the end of the day. My other loves include Instagram, run on sentences, silence and reminiscing about my pre-baby boobs.  I speak fluent sarcasm, am usually making some sort of awkward facial expression and have a really tough time refraining from telling the truth. 

Once upon a time, this blog went by another moniker (Newlyweds:North) but was renamed after I was no longer a Newlywed and no longer a Northerner. You can get all of the nail biting details here

You can read (a lot) more of my words on Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, Blog in Between and Moms Without Answers.

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