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20 Weeks

 I can't believe it but we've hit the 20 week milestone with baby #2! I thought it was probably high time she got a little attention on the blog so I copied the Bumpdate format I used to use weekly when I was pregnant with Gray for a little update (sorry baby girl, you are so getting the short end of the stick).

How Far Along: 20 weeks - half way there! 

Size of babe: measuring exactly to the day of her gestation (so, thankfully not enormous like her brother was).

Gender: baby girl

Symptoms: now that we're out of the woods as far as the early pregnancy being viable, there is really so much less to worry about/so much to be grateful for in the symptoms department. The size of my boobs is shocking, my skin is a wreck and I'm worn out, but otherwise, it's all thankfully by the book. 

 Loving: full panel maternity leggings, full coverage concealer and bagels full of carbs (see what I did there? oh, so clever). Also loving her name and the history behind it.

Loathing: because of the placement of my placenta and the baby's preferred position, I still can't feel her move. It's very unsettling at 20 weeks but we've had both a 16 week and 20 week ultrasound with a little extra monitoring and we know she's perfectly healthy and happy - she just loves hiding behind her placenta. My doctor warned me it could be 24 weeks before I really feel her moving around a ton and I hope that isn't the case, mostly for my anxiety's sake.

Husband: is obsessed with baby's first Willow Crowns bow (one of his faves that Megan was sweet enough to bring back from the archives just for him) and launching a new project with a crazy new schedule. 

Wedding Rings: my engagement ring was cut off by a jeweler at 6 weeks so I'm wearing the set of rings I wore when I was pregnant with Gray.

Maternity Clothes: yes to pants, still wearing regular tops because I typically prefer long tunics or lose tees, so it works for now.

Missing Most: really only red wine this go 'round. 

Can't Wait: to start decorating her nursery! I have some ideas floating around but I think Amanda Louise and I will probably do the nursery as the May One Room Challenge so I have some time to plan. Also, I think we'll do an ultrasound in a few weeks at a local ultrasound place because Justin was unable to make the 20 week appointment - and we really just want to see her little face! 

Need to: start planning baby gear for two kids - mostly a double stroller. I'm thinking of keeping it in the Baby Jogger family and doing a regular City Mini with the add on car seat mount and then second jump seat - anyone tried that?? Gray is still at an age when he needs to ride when we go on adventures downtown or head on a walk for coffee so I think we need a double option - but I kinda don't want the bulk of a true double. Any advice? 

Stephanie [Olive and Tate]
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  1. I think I need that jacket.. still avail? Congrats on the baby girl, so much fun ahead!!

  2. I'm 29 weeks along and will have an almost 2 year old. I'm planning on baby-wearing a lot because my LO is not such a fan of being confined in a stroller. I found one of those sit and stand double strollers for just in case though. They're just so big, takes up the whole trunk!


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