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June 09, 2016

Hey friends!

 photo by none other than Christa Rene Photography

So, I wrote a little post that was published on Moms Without Answers today and I thought I would mention in here as it's a follow up to one of my most popular posts "A Letter To My Friend, The Toddler Mama". Go take a peek and tell me what you think! 

Also, I don't have a photo of me wearing it yet (coming next week!) but you guys, I am obsessed with this dress! I've worn it to a meeting/the office, a girls night and a coffee date all within the last week. I'm wearing a Medium (oh that's right, working on my summer body!) and it is just the right amount of fitted and boxy, if that makes sense. It is a true midi length and hits at my mid calf so keep that in mind if you're a petite (as I am not). I'm going back for the olive color for sure!

For those of you who asked on Snap Chat (oliveandtate), the counting app that Gray is obsessed with is called Talley Tots. It took him a few tries to be able to do all of the activities but he is crazy in love with it. He begs for it when he wakes up in the morning - and all I can think is "well, at least he's learning".... I highly recommend it! 
And with that, I'm off to find a glass of wine! 

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