Old Lady

March 07, 2016

photo by Laura Parker

 So, here's the deal:

cross country travel and a weekend of wine drinking is not for the elderly. 
While I may be young at heart, this 31 year old body is puffy, dehydrated and not just a little bit sore. I landed back in the Upstate around midnight last night and tip toed in the door just in time to rescue my babe from a bad dream. I won't lie, I sprinted into his room to snuggle him and smother him with my love but a rousing night of co-sleeping in the guest room with my toddler did not help in the recovery department. 

I can't wait to recap our amazing trip (yes it rained but man did we rock it) but until I can put pen to paper/cursor to blank document, come watch me and Colleen on Taboo Mom Talk tomorrow at 8pm! We're hitting up Blab again and hopeful that we won't suffer any technical difficulties - you can register and watch here

Be there or be square.

On a different note, I know some of you are hating the new blog design and how slow the lead slider image is to load. I hear you and I've actually decided to bite the bullet and make the move to wordpress so things are going to change but it's going to take a hot second. In the meantime, don't bother waiting for that image to load, the actual blog content is already loaded under the image - just scroll down and feast your eyes on all the awesomeness (such as this stunner of a post) that awaits you. 

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  1. It looks like you guys had a great time from you posted on Snapchat! Now I really want to go to San Fran!!

  2. I am not a mom yet, but love watching you two on Mom Talk! Just hilarious. "See you" later! Also, yes, switch to WordPress, so much better :)

  3. It shouldn't take this long to recover! Reality is so hard to get back into. I so much rather be listening to Too Short in a black Uber.

  4. I'm making the wordpress jump too! Ack! Here's to hoping we love it :)

  5. Good luck on the Wordpress jump! I made it about a year ago, so let me know if I can help!


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