Holiday Photos

December 03, 2015

So, before we begin, let me go ahead and publicly acknowledge that I realize we take a a lot of photos.
Like, a ton.

I can't help it.
Babies don't keep and all that and I honestly love scheming up a photo shoot theme. Formulating my idea, picking the right outfits, styling the shoot and bombarding Christa with all of my ideas really gets my motor running. 

This photo session all started with a truck.

I follow Christa on Facebook and spotted one of her high school seniors standing in a field in front of an old, beat up, red and white truck. I had to have it. And I had to toss a Christmas tree on top of it. 
Christa sweet talked the owner and we managed to squeeze in a time first thing in the morning on the day we flew home to Virginia for a week. 

For the first time ever, Gray wasn't having it on photo day. We just let him be him and throw his trains around and climb all over everything and, despite his anti-photog mood, Christa managed to grab a few shots of my smiling boy. After that, we abandoned the shoot because nobody wants to suffer through a toddler photo session gone rogue.

His early exit just meant we photographed moments that I didn't expect to and I love the results - the very last photos of Justin and I taking down the tree and loading up our car are some of my favorites. 

I'm hanging on to the shot that made our Christmas card photo for another day, but these are my faves from the shoot 

| Justin's shirt | sweater | vest | jeans 

| white blanket | mugs and fair isle blanket from Marshall, similar blanket

that photo of Justin comforting Gray just make my heart flutter. 
| my hat | tee

| my agate necklace | gold charm necklace

There are a billion more but I'll spare you/save them all for Instagram. Many, many thanks to Christa Rene Photography for indulging my idea and being patient with our babe.

Can't wait to show you our Christmas card!

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  1. These are amazing! And I'm impressed at how into the whole photo shoot you get!

  2. How I wish Christa Rene could be my photographer! All of these are so amazing, especially the last one of you two carrying the tree! I can't wait to see what your card looks like!

  3. How do you come up with these ideas???? 😍😍

  4. How do you even pick a favorite when they are all so amazing! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. These are perfection! What a beautiful fam! Xo

  6. She's such a great photographer these pictures could be in magazines!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  7. Love, love, love your vision and every single one of these. Cannot wait to see your card! xx

  8. Love! So wish I could plan something out like this, you nailed it friend!

  9. Dude, you look like Jennifer Lawrence in this pictures. SO pretty!

  10. Beautiful pictures and a brilliant idea xx


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