Weekending + Monday

May 04, 2015

 We spent the weekend reveling in the warm weather, celebrating the launch of the new blog name, eating and drinking with friends and shopping in Downtown Greenville. I don't typically do a photo post but honestly, this weekend deserves it.

It was a perfect weekend.
(I knooooow, I've said that every weekend since we moved from Maine, but I can't help it. Just humor me.)

On Friday we hit a festival in the West Village and met up with some of our fave makers, Laura Cox Designs and Greenville Goods

 Jewelry by Laura Cox Designs

 Donuts by Circa Donut

Saturday was the first weekend of the Greenville Farmer's Market and it.was.packed.

We clearly loved every second of it 

Stroller | Snack Keeper c/o Nuby |

On Sunday the babe and I hit downtown with Ashley and we ended up making a day out if (at the wine bar. whatever, it's outside and the staff loved Tate)

 | hat | dress

Today I've been working my butt off to make sure that everything is just perfect for the Willow Crowns Summer Collection launch!

We have so many gorgeous pieces (but super limited quantities) launching at 10am CST tomorrow and I just can't wait for ya'll to see them! Make sure you're following the Willow Crowns Insta account (@willowcrowns) for all of the details! 

P.S. I cannot express how grateful I am for all of the sweet comments on the new blog name! I was crazy nervous that ya'll would hate the name change so every single comment meant the world to me. 

Hope ya'll had a great weekend! 

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  1. Good luck with the launch today! I love that picture of him in the red shorts. Such a cute perspective!


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