Olive and Tate

May 01, 2015

 It's official! 

Welcome to Olive & Tate!

I hope you love the new name and logo as much as I do (if not, don't tell me, that's actually my handwriting turned Vector image turned logo, which I'm sure is making my Catholic School penmanship teacher cringe). It took tons of brainstorming and even more opinions and ideas from my Go To People to come up with a name that is clean, simple, reflective of me and doesn't exactly tie to a time and place.

So, why Olive & Tate?

 Tate is the baby's nickname - it's short for Potato Head which was lovingly bestowed upon him by his grandfather when he developed a rather unique shape to his little baby noggin. As they usually do, the nickname morphed into Tate and now has officially stuck. We make an honest effort to call him by his given name but mostly because my husband is afraid the baby will go to Kindergarden and announce to his teacher that his name is Tate.

Olive is commonly used as code for I Love You, so essentially, the name of my blog can be loosely translated to I Love You, Gray.

The blog also graduated from a .blogspot to a .com! 
The new address is www.oliveandtate.com, super easy huh??

The old URL will redirect you to the new .com but you'll have much less typing to do if you remember that new .com addy! 

gratuitous champagne pop, because ya'll know I can't resist the bubbles.

Over the weekend, I'll change my Instagram handle so keep an eye out for that - and if you wanna chat, the new email oliveandtate@gmail.com is already up and running! 

So, there it is! 
That incredibly drawn out cat is now out of the bag!
Hope ya'll love it, xoxo

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  1. So glad the hat is out the bag! Love the name and logo. Aunt Ashley loves you, Tate! xoxo

  2. Love it!!! And you did a great job with the hand drawn logo- so pretty!!

  3. I love it! What a cute back story! Happy Weekending!

  4. Yay!! Congrats love! I'm so excited for you. I love the name. One of my closest guy friends in college was named Tate... as in that was on his birth certificate!

  5. I love the new name!! And so glad you kept the layout!

  6. LOVE IT! Congratulations!! I love that the logo is your writing. So pretty and personal and perfect :)

  7. It's FAB! I was worried that all your archives might be going after all your reminiscing posts this week. I am so glad the Vlog stays. I LOVE the back story, that is so sweet. Congratulations lovely, I look forward to many years of Olive & Tate reading xx

  8. Love the new name, its so creative and meaningful! Congrats, LOVE your blog!!

  9. Love the new name! It's so creative and unique to you... I NEED to change my blog name/URL but I just can not come up with something I love. I want to start my photography business at the same time as I do the name switch and have them be similar names/designs... I'm struggling though!

  10. Love it...super unique cute! Can't wait to keep reading! :)

  11. Love!! And your handwriting is on point!

  12. Love love love love LOVE! The design, the name, the handwriting. It's perfect. I just rebranded, too, so I totally understand the woes that go along with it. I hope it is going smoothly for you!

  13. So cool that it's your handwriting! Love the name and the meaning behind the name! In my mind you will always be Newlyweds:North when I think about it!

  14. Nice change! Will update my party link up page! Very creative the new name. And, the story behind it. Lovely, just lovely.

  15. I love the new name and the story behind it!! SO cute :) ....and tate lol i have a cousin (a girl) named Tait (and that's not a nickname!) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  16. Love the new name! And seriously impressed by your handwriting!


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