Can't Live Without It

May 21, 2015

Short and sweet because we're headed to the beach!

I literally cannot live without this car mount for my iPhone.

I don't have a cool nav screen in my SUV so when I'm navigating on a trip I need this bad boy to keep me on track and my eyes on the road (and not in my lap where my phone has a tendency to ride).

It's also the perfect spot to prop my phone when I'm blabbing to Megan through my car sound system or to blare the Children's Indie Pandora station for the babe.

We're headed to the beach to lay in the sun chase the baby around and celebrate our two year anniversary - when we get home, our house should literally be almost complete! Just 7 days until we move in....and here's what she looked like today


It's your turn! Grab the image, link back to me, Cait and Laura and tell us something that you just can't live without!

Have a fab holiday weekend! 

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  1. Ah I love the white kitchen... Jealous/heart eyes times ten!! And there's a Children's indie station?!?! Looking forward to a drink with you this weekend friend!

  2. I love that dock! I may have to invest in that, I use my phone all the time for navigation. How does it sit in the dock? And do you know if it works for any case on the iphone?

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  3. Children's indie pandora? I need to check this out asap.

  4. We have white cabinets in our kitchen too. Just had a kitchen redo last summer and again I put in new white cabinets. Just love how white brightens everything up. I like how you added the glass doors. So excited to see the finish product. Enjoy your time at the beach. Thanks too for hosting another great week. I have no idea either how my post linked twice. Computers!!!! You gotta love em', in my case, not so much.

  5. Haha I have to check out the children's indie station too! I gave my fiance one of these phone holders for the car so he can stop looking down to check directions, but of course he still doesn't use it. I'll have to gently remind him of it again! haha!

  6. Love that dock - I need on for my car asap! Have a great time at the beach - I'm jealous! ;) xx Em

  7. We need to invest in this for our roadtrips. So helpful for both of us to be able to see the map!
    Enjoy your trip to the beach!

  8. smart! we dont have gps in our car either and im terrible at navigating from the backseat (i still like to sit by violet in her carseat....#HELICOPTERMAMA) so yah. i should tell h to get this :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. Have a great time! Tell me how I have a brand new car and no navigation screen either!!

  10. My iPhone tells me who, what, where, when, how...pretty much eeerrrday. Haha. Yay for almost having the house complete! Enjoy your weekend!!

  11. Seriously that little gadget comes in handy! I first bought one for a little road trip and it made being hands free so much easier for me :) Love the white kitchen can't wait to see it all finished up!

  12. Thanks for the recommendation!! I bought one of these and absolutely love it!! :)


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