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Can't Live Without It

Oh, the Mom Uniform.

I pick mine up off the floor every morning and slap it on - sometimes sans shower - and the fact that I put on pants is an achievement in my book. 

So much of an achievement that I chose to have pro photos taken in my uni so that I didn't have to come up with an outfit. 
Yep. That Happened.

So today's Can't Live Without It is this super inexpensive, relaxed, comfortable pair of boyfriend jeans - the staple of the ensemble. 

Throw on a roomy V neck pocket tee and these flats and I'm headed to Starbucks 
(the drive through obviously, I mean, let's not aim too high)

If things are really fancy, I'll toss on my new fave necklace (in slate grey!) and perhaps a cocoon sweater thing that can be barfed on and then machine washed (and happens to also be super soft and cozy). 

Today, I ventured out sans babe for a few brief minutes to run errands and looked down to discover that I had a giant baby pee stain right over my boob. 

And then I sat in my car and ate pre-slized cheese and crackers in the silent safety of my SUV.

Ah, motherhood.
It's so glamorous.

Have a fab weekend! 

Stephanie | Olive and Tate |
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  1. i so want those cocoon cardis to work on me but they just don't! ugh. love the pix :))

    1. I have to size way up in the cocoon so it looks loose and doesn't cling to by butt!

  2. I'm in desperate need of a new pair of jeans and these might be just up my alley! Also, do you have a birthstone ring with your wedding set?

    1. I do have a sapphire and diamond wedding band but it's not my birthstone - I am the 5th generation woman to wear the sone in my engagement ring and Justin had the stone set in an identical setting to my great grandmother's. We thought the sapphires were a pretty antique style throwback to compliment my engagement ring :-)

  3. Love this! My favorite outfit is always lying on the bedroom floor as well, and at least gets a couple of wears long before it makes it to the laundry! :-)

  4. I love a good momiform! They save my life! I also enjoy eating alone in my car ;)

  5. I have a variation on the theme, it's a sweater and jeans in the winter and a tea shirt and jeans in the summer. But my youngest is 11, it's time I sorted myself out! I can't be a slummy mummy forever ha! But to clarify I don't look like you in my jeans - lovely lovely pictures as always x

  6. i love to keep things simple when it comes to my clothes and focus on the accessories/shoes! glad i can maintain that when im a mama :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  7. You look great girlfriend!

  8. I'm not a mom and I would totalllly wear that outfit, and do quite often! ;) You look AMAZING.

  9. I need to start packing a backup outfit for ME in the diaper bag. Little Man has a tendency to first pee all over me while I'm feeding him, then top it off with some nice vomit. It's a classy perfume.


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