The best news. Ever.

February 03, 2015

You guys.

It happened. 
Well, it's been happening, but I never believe it until the check is cut.

We sold our house in Maine! 

| dress

In the middle of a freaking blizzard we found ourselves in a bidding war and actually sold our house.

I could die of excitement. 
We are officially moving back South to Greenville, South Carolina! 

Oh, funny you should ask.

The moving truck pulls up in exactly 20 days. 

We never do things Nice and Easy around here so why should a move with a 7 month old, a dog and a husband who travels for work two weeks out of the month be any different? 

Ya'll ready to house hunt with me?? 

More details soon! 

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  1. Ahh! Congratulations!! Greenville is my hometown and I miss it so much! I lived there for 22 years.. So jealous. Good luck with the move!!! :) :)

  2. Wow!! Congratulations!! You must be so excited/stressed!!! Can't wait to hear more details!! :)

  3. Yay!! So excited for y'all to move back to the South!! And so soon! Definitely need to get together once you get settled :)

  4. YAHH !im so excited for you!! :) congrats girl...and i agree with caitlyn -- charleston trip in the future?! :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. Congrats!!!! So jealous you are escaping the cold, especially in the middle of winter!! Best of luck to you!!

  6. So happy you're moving to SC!! You must come to Charleston asap!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  7. Congratulations!! So exciting! Start saving those diaper boxes!

  8. Congratulations! Enjoy all that champs & sunshine! Your Instagram is giving me Spring Fever!


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