Can't Live Without It

October 24, 2014

So, I'm nursing a teensy hangover from both champagne and excitement.
Did ya'll see this insta last night?

We have some crazy big news in the works and while my Husband is confident we are ready to share, I am the resident Negative Nancy in these parts and am waiting for just a bit more before I blast the news. Can you stand the anticipation? And, no, I am not pregnant. The baby making factory is closed for business for years to come. 

Thanks to said hangover, I am going to keep today's Can't Live Without It brief.

I literally could not live without my Bean Boots.

my boots | his jacket 

The weather in Maine is atrocious from November until June.
We of course have Winter, but right now we are experiencing the tail end of Fall which involves rain. Rain, rain and more rain. It has rained since Tuesday and we aren't forecasted to see the sun again until Monday. Yeah.

(18 weeks pregnant and I thought I had a bump. Ha.)

After winter we Mainers are treated to Mud Season. No, we don't call it Spring. It's not Spring, Nothing is growing, nothing is green, it's just all muddy, dirty melting snow and slush. 

It's no wonder LL Bean calls Maine home, only a Mainer would come up with something as ingenious as Bean Boots.

We're spending the weekend watching football and our only plans to venture out involve using my Husband's McDonald's Monopoly winnings for free Red Box rentals and Big Macs. 

Try not to be jealous. 

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  1. Bean Boots are the best! It sounds like you get a lot of use out of yours... I rarely find a good excuse to wear mine down here during the winter unless it snows. Hope y'all have a good weekend!!

  2. Can't wait to hear your fun news!! I'm with you on the weather - I demand to see the sun this weekend!

  3. I feel like the big news HAS to be a move back down south...I seriously can't believe you would leave us hanging like that too!!! haha. I love LL Bean and all those cute pregnancy pictures :)

  4. Ah I am so excited for your news! Sounds like good things are to come :)


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