365 Days

May 23, 2014

On Sunday, this guy and I celebrate one year of marriage...
 and what a year it's been!

In honor of my typical Five on Friday post, here are my five favorite memories from the past year (in chronological order)

Our Destination Unknown Honeymoon

That time Justin bought our house in Maine....sight unseen....

This announcement...

Our World Travels:  Winter Escape and Babymoon

And of course, our biggest adventure yet to come...

I never thought this year would come close to holding all of these twists and turns...our first year of marriage was really one for the books. I am so grateful for this life that my husband and I have and I know for certain that I wouldn't want to do this crazy journey with anyone else.  Jus, thank you for our life, these adventures and our son.
You're my best husband, always.

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  1. What an exciting first year of marriage! Congratulations and here's to many more!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! What a year! Love your wedding photos, so gorgeous! :)

  3. Oh boy do you guys make a beautiful couple or what!! Congratulations on one year of marriage and many blessed years to come!! Happy weekend!

  4. Happy Anniversary! I think you guys pretty much packed every momentous event that could possible happen into the past year, and still managed to make it through so congrats on that! Cheers to many more years together! xoxo

  5. Happy Anniversary!! So much in just one year!

    Ps - random but did you know you had word verification on your comments?

  6. Happy anniversary!! Your wedding looked so beautiful! Y'all look so happy together!

  7. Happy Anniversary! Y'all have certainly had an amazing and eventful year. And your wedding photos are gorgeous. : )


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